First Epic Poem in English in 345 Years

At my writing desk, June 21, 2012

At my writing desk, June 21, 2012, working on Book III for the summer serialization.

I believe I have written the first epic poem in English in 345 years, since Milton’s publishing Paradise Lost in 1667. I cordially invite the reader to consider that there is no other subsequent poem in the English language that succeeds in meriting the title of epic, nor comparison with Milton, Dante, Virgil, and Homer. All of the contenders are merely long poems, series and sequences, mock epics, or local epics, if you will, embracing a regional civilization, not the entire globe, not a universal, global epic, with a world-embracing vision. The same is true of all of the traditional epics of other cultures, as with Asia, for instance.

Throughout my adult life, my life-long goal has been to write a universal, global epic, commensurate with our Global Age, to speak to all nations, the many millions. I invite readers to consider and judge whether I have achieved what I began to conceive of, and study for, as early as 1982.

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In my essay “Epopee,” in my book The Grove of the Eumenides, available worldwide in either a printed or ebook edition, I survey ancient and modern epic poetry.

Frederick Glaysher

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