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Coming Performances at AFFIRMATIONS, Ferndale, Michigan

The Parliament of Poets

“A hopeful vision of peaceful coexistence as one united humanity. It was delightful to hear the voices of great poets and thinkers of the past in dialogue with the narrator. The performance was thought-provoking, moving, and inspiring. Our world is desperately in need of this message of peace, love and humanity.” —Rev. Eric Williams, St. Philip’s Episcopal Church, Rochester, MI

“Impressed, moved to laughter, tears. A creative, powerful message, phenomenal! Amazing life-time work!” —Rev. Leonetta Bugleisi, Unitarian Universalist

The theatre company Apollo’s Troupe will perform the critically-acclaimed epic poem, The Parliament of Poets, written by Michigan poet Frederick Glaysher.

Sundays, November 6th & 13th, 2022. 3:00 – 4:30 pm. 90 minutes.
At AFFIRMATIONS Theatre, 290 West 9 Mile Road, Ferndale, MI 48220.
TICKETS at the Door. $22 General, $15 Student, Senior
Or Pay what you can (minimum $6.00)

As a universal interfaith story, The Parliament of Poets tells the tale of a journey toward cosmos, Christian and spiritual unity. “Spiritual, Not Religious.”

The Program for Solo Performance, with further background information, can be found at Apollo’s Troupe on EarthrisePress.Net. Purchase the book (294 pages) at the performance, Bookshop.org,, BarnesAndNoble.com, or Books-A-Million.

Further details at Apollo’s Troupe at https://EarthrisePress.Net

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At Hathaway’s Hideaway, Ann Arbor

At Hathaway’s Hideaway, 310 SOUTH Ashley Street, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104. Watch for this sign!
The Parliament of Poets, Solo, by Frederick Glaysher.
Friday & Saturday, Nov. 8, 9, 8 pm; Sunday, Nov. 10, 2 pm.
TICKETS AT THE DOOR $15/$12 Or Pay What You Can.
80 minutes.

“A great epic poem of startling originality and universal significance, in every way partaking of the nature of world literature.” —Hans Ruprecht, Carleton University, Canada, author on Goethe, Borges

Youtube at Theatre Nova, Sept. 22, 2019 https://youtu.be/sK8EMYiFRSQ

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Apollo’s Troupe at The Underground at Hilberry Theatre

Apollo’s Troupe Cast

Mike Sandusky, as Robert Hayden, in Apollo’s Troupe. May 19, 2019

Breon Canady, as Sogolon, in Apollo’s Troupe. May 19, 2019

Dennis Kleinsmith, as Tolstoy, in Apollo’s Troupe. May 19, 2019

Frederick Glaysher, as Poet of the Moon, in Apollo’s Troupe. May 19, 2019

Frederick Glaysher

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Apollo’s Troupe

A story of humanity coming together in universal peace.

The Cast of Apollo’s Troupe

In The Underground at The Hilberry Theatre, Wayne State University. (Former Studio Theatre)
May 17, 8:00pm; May 18, 8:00pm; May 19, 3:00pm
Students: $15, Faculty/Staff: $23, General $28
Approximately 2 hours. 15-minute intermission.
www.WSUshows.com (Apollo’s Troupe) https://www.wsushows.com/TheatreManager/1/login?event=132

Frederick Glaysher, Epic Poet, Rhapsode, Producer, playing the Poet of the Moon.
Jeff Thomakos, Director, Michigan Michael Chekhov 
Christian Plonka, Stage Manager
Dennis Kleinsmith, Actor, playing Don Quixote, Tolstoy, etc. 
Mike Sandusky, Actor, playing Robert Hayden, Borges, Job, etc.
Breon Canady, Actor, playing Sogolon, Mimbardda, etc.

Download Program for Apollo’s Troupe

Apollo’s Troupe blends the ancient Greek rhapsode’s performance of Homer with the modern style of reading by Charles Dickens and Edgar Allan Poe into a new experimental epic form of dramatic storytelling for a contemporary audience.

Synopsis: Apollo calls all the poets of the nations, ancient and modern, East and West, to assemble on the moon to consult on the meaning of modern life. The Parliament of Poets sends the main character, the Poet of the Moon, on a Journey to the seven continents to learn from all of the spiritual and wisdom traditions of humankind. On Earth and on the moon, the poets teach a new global, universal vision of life.

Thirty years in the making, set partly on the moon, at the Apollo 11 landing site, the Sea of Tranquility, and around the world, including Don Quixote, Rocinante, Black Elk, Chief Seattle, Du Fu, Merlin, Queen Mab, Druid, Sappho, Jane Austen, Virgil, Demodokus, Squire, Robert Hayden, Fairy Queen, Rumi, Tagore, Vyasa, Tolstoy, Blake, Job, Borges, Sogolon, Mbeku, etc.

The two hour theatre script version of The Parliament of Poets: An Epic Poem presents a selection of ten of the forty major characters, mostly poets from major civilizations and religions.

July 20, 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing on the moon. Much of The Parliament of Poets takes place at the Apollo 11 landing site. Evoking Homer’s “catalogue of ships,” one canto honors the many rocket ships and astronauts of the space age, including the Apollo missions.

“Like a story around a campfire.” —The Audience

“Certainly wowed the crowd with the performance and the words themselves.” —Albany Poets News, New York

“A masterpiece that will stand the test of time.” —Poetry Cornwall, No. 36, England, UK

“A great epic poem of startling originality and universal significance, in every way partaking of the nature of world literature.” —Hans
Ruprecht, Carleton University, Canada, author on Goethe, Borges, etc.

“A profound spiritual message for humanity.” —Alan Jacobs, Poet Writer Author, London, UK

For more info, visit: https://earthrisepress.net

Please share this with anyone you think might be interested.

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