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CKCU Lit NewsCKCU Literary News Encore. August 6, 2013.

“With his new book, THE PARLIAMENT OF POETS, Frederick GLAYSHER is in a creative dialog with the greatest epic poets of all time. He is bringing together in beautiful verse form, tending, as he writes ‘to the iambic pentameter, depending on thought and need’, diverse visions of humanity from all over the world. Frederick Glaysher’s poetic imagination is frequently casting them in the form of spatial and cosmic imagery. That is very exalting to the reader’s spirit. What is more, in reading his new book one is not only compassing, beyond the horizon of empirical facts, a borderless world, but one is also beholding the ‘oneness’ of humankind in a different light. • ‘The Parliament of Poets’ (Earthrise Press, 2012) by Frederick Glaysher is a pure joy; embodied in a literary work of fine verbal art it is contemporary ‘world literature’ at its best.” —Dr. Hans Ruprecht, CKCU Literary News, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada. August 6, 2013 — a Radio CKCU/Literary News ‘encore

Frederick Glaysher

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