BOOK II Summer Serialization

The Parliament of Poets

The Parliament of Poets, BOOK II

BOOK II of The Parliament of Poets An Epic Poem, now available at Earthrise Press eBooks.

Summer serialization of all twelves “Books” or chapters of The Parliament of Poets: An Epic Poem, in the manner of Charles Dickens and other 19th Century writers, available once a week throughout the entire summer of 2012, through the end of August, on Sunday mornings, by 10:00 am EST.

BOOK II, THE ARGUMENT: “A young Lakota Indian brave dances a hoop dance upon the moon, for the assembled poets, seers, and medicine men. Black Elk and Chief Seattle set forth the sacred vision of Mother Earth. Black Elk guides the Persona back to Earth and the ancient cave of Lescaux. The ancient philosophers and the Golden Bough. The cathedral cavern. An Australian aborigine, Japara, “moon man,” carries the Persona to Everywhen and Kulama, ceremony of renewal. Catalogue of the ships.”

Frederick Glaysher

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