Reviews in Brief to February 5, 2015

Selected Reviews of The Parliament of Poets: An Epic Poem in Brief to February 5, 2015

“Beautiful poem…an excellent piece of poetry.” —Nana Fredua-Agyeman, Ghana, Africa

“A great epic poem…” —Dr. Hans-George Ruprecht, Carleton University, Canada

“Bravo to the Poet for this toilsome but brilliant endeavour.”
Umme Salma, International Islamic University, Bangladesh, in Transnational Literature, Australia

“A uniquely powerful work….” —Spirituality Today, UK

“…maybe it is poets and philosophers, rather than activists and politicians, who can ultimately help transform this world into something better.” —Mr. P. J. Morris, Amazon UK

“A masterpiece that will stand the test of time.” —Poetry Cornwall

The Parliament of Poets: An Epic Poem

The Parliament of Poets: An Epic Poem

“Don’t be intimidated by an epic poem. …in the most beautiful, mellifluous language.” —Miriam Knight, New Consciousness Review radio, Portland, Oregon

“Like being enfolded into a glorious, celestial, orchestral song… A worthy literary masterpiece… Amazing, wonderful book.” Julie Clayton, New Consciousness Review

“Beautiful book.” —Dr. Catherine Al-Meten, The Examiner, Portland, Oregon

“…the poetry and language is rather beautiful. …it’s really very readable.” —Chris Hislop, Savage, London

“…a very important book for our time.” —Tina Benson, Amazon Review, California

“A contemporary classic! Highly recommended for reading.” —Nishat Haider, Lucknow University, India

“…fascinating juxtapositionings, and unique symbolism for our time.” —Dave Gordon, The Jewish Post and News of Winnipeg, Canada

“I found this book to be up to the standards set by Homer.” —LibraryThing

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Frederick Glaysher

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