People Around the Globe Must Change their Thinking

People Around the Globe Must Change their Thinking

Mother Earth

Mother Earth

The first step is people around the globe must change their thinking… That is now in process and can be achieved, with a unifying Vision. When that happens, the “corrupt politicos” will have to change sufficiently if they want power, and they will, because they do, which now can only be held at the indulgence of the people.

For people around the globe to truly change their thinking, and this may be very difficult to understand, but I ask you to think of shamans telling a tale that brings the tribe together in a new understanding or Vision, helps them *feel* it, people need to read the epic poem that I have spent 30 years studying for and writing, a tale of humanity throughout the ages, in the vast expanse of time and space, in global and cosmic Unity, viewing Mother Earth from the Moon… united in a commonly shared Vision of Love.

Everything else has been tried and failed… now trust and mount the shaman path Heavenward to the Moon…

The problem is people must *feel* it and prose is ultimately based only on the reason of the head, not the heart, as poetry is, which is why historically, prior to modern times, it was always considered a form of epistemology, knowledge, a way of knowing that ran deeper than the intellect… It’s why I chose epic poetry because it can speak to the deepest regions of the soul.

The old paradigm of publishing and promotion is still very much in control of the major publications and levers of dissemination of new ideas and books. Unfortunately, most of it, is in the control of corporations that are thoroughly suffused with the atrophied vision of life from modern nihilism and materialism, the latter from both Marxism and capitalism. The world has truly been struggling throughout the last hundred years to achieve another vision of life beyond those old contentious ideologies, truly global and universal in outlook.

We’ve all seen it, from the moon, the great overview Image of Mother Earth, and feel it to some inarticulate degree and level… yet need a tale to help it come into focus… I believe, in our hearts and souls where real change originates and takes place.

Then, it will be easy to transform life on this planet… and care for the needs of all the people of Mother Earth. An epochal shift is what is required, a very deep change or clarification of Vision, which civilization on this planet has repeatedly demonstrated, in the past, when necessary, it is capable of making…

Frederick Glaysher

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