New Review in Transnational Literature, Australia


The Parliament of Poets: An Epic Poem

The Parliament of Poets: An Epic Poem

New review by Umme Salma, International Islamic University, Department of English Language and Literature, Chittagong, Bangladesh. Transnational Literature Vol. 7 no. 1, November 2014, Australia. Over 1,200 words.

“The purpose of the spiritual journey of the Poet of the Moon is to seek deliverance of the modern human from the captivity of nothingness, nihilism and atheism, and from the resulting chaos and chasm of soul. From the versatile he gets scores of life-affirming lessons, yet the core meaning of all is that the Supreme Being as well as the earth is one, and so human beings are one nation irrespective of their clan, class, color,race, religion and gender. In this earth human beings are part of the Great Mystery’s creation and their duty is to keep the balance and harmony of the universe, to achieve union, to choose sacrifice, and to be self-controlled. In this manner Glaysher sings the song of ‘one Earth, without borders, Mother Earth, her embrace encircling one people, humankind’ (19)….”

“Bravo to the Poet for this toilsome but brilliant endeavour.”

[That is, “toilsome” to the poet, alas, so true…]

Full review at Transnational Literature.

Frederick Glaysher

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