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Apollo’s Troupe at GoFundMe


Apollo’s Troupe is seeking support on GoFundMe to hire 5 actors and collaborators for the two and a half hour theatre script version of The Parliament of Poets: An Epic Poem, by Frederick Glaysher, to perform and tour to inspire human beings toward a new peaceful vision of life on Earth. 

First, to hire 5 actors in the greater Detroit, Michigan area to revive the storytelling role of the ancient Greek rhapsode, playing at least two major supporting characters and “vignettes” for Don Quixote, Rocinante, Black Elk, Chief Seattle, Du Fu, Saigyo, Basho, Merlin, Queen Mab, Sappho, Jane Austen, Virgil, Demodokus, Squire, Robert Hayden, Fairy Queen, Rumi, Tagore, Vyasa, Tolstoy, Job, Borges, Sogolon, Mbeku, etc.–for 12 performances, April through at least July 20, 2019–the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing

Performances would be held in a rented Detroit area theatre, followed, second, by  touring nationally and worldwide.

The epic poem has a special theme and connection to the three Apollo 15 astronauts who were all from the University of Michigan. 

Synopsis: Apollo calls all the poets of the nations, ancient and modern, East and West, to assemble on the moon to consult on the meaning of modern life. The Parliament of Poets sends the Persona, the Poet of the Moon, on a Journey to the seven continents to learn from all of the spiritual and wisdom traditions of humankind. On Earth and on the moon, the poets teach a new global, universal vision of life. 

Gazing from the moon, we see one Earth, without borders, Mother Earth, her embrace encircling one people, humankind.

In 1977, Frederick Glaysher took a theatre course in the Interpretative Reading of Poetry, learning the Greek rhapsodes would travel throughout ancient Greece reciting Homer. Before long the idea of writing an epic poem became compelling and the dream that one day he might also revive the role of the rhapsode. 

The theatre script, Apollo’s Troupe, blends the ancient Greek rhapsode’s performance of Homer with the modern style of readings into a new experimental epic form of dramatic storytelling for a contemporary audience. (He now performs increasingly from memory.) 

Apollo’s Troupe is here on GoFundMe facing the reality of  insufficient funds. We have found several highly gifted actors on Backstage.com and through local connections, who are excellent candidates. Help us hire and put them to work!


Youtube. Chief Seattle, Black Elk. 2 minutes

Earthrise Press – Download the Program for Epic Poetry Readings

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Kickstarter. A New Global, Universal Vision of Life on this Planet!


Kickstarter. A New Global, Universal Vision of Life on this Planet! Epic Poetry, in Performance, on Stage.  https://kck.st/1m5XFyD or https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/fglaysher/a-new-global-universal-vision-of-life-on-this-plan

Pledge by .

In Performance, on StageThe Parliament of Poets: An Epic Poem, by Frederick Glaysher.

Like a story “around a campfire.” —From the Audience.

“Certainly wowed the crowd at the library with the performance [boldface added] and the words themselves.” —Thom Francis, Albany Poets News, New York.

Thirty years in the making, in late 2012, I finished and published The Parliament of Poets: An Epic Poem. Now after several public readings and as many reviews, my Kickstarter Project is to take it to humanity, in Performance, on Stage, at a Michigan theatre, in 2014. At approximately thirty minutes per chapter, I would read the first three chapters or “Books” of the epic, what has traditionally been called “in medias res,” in the midst of things, a flash-back device, with the action already in mid-stream on the moon.

In ancient Greece, the rhapsodes, reciters of epic poetry, an oral art, traveled throughout the Greek world, from city to city, reciting the tales of Homer and other epic poets. Nearly thirty-five years ago I had a theatre class in the interpretation of poetry that set me to dreaming of writing an epic poem and then traveling worldwide to recite it. Now I am ready, epic in hand, to commence that journey!

I believe that the imagination is at the core of all human endeavor, and that an imaginative vision of a New Global, Universal Vision of Life on this Planet can help inspire people to make it a reality. Together, from the moon, we can see it.

I need your help and support to bring the vision we all long for to the attention of humanity. I am painfully aware that I cannot do it alone. I could study and write alone for decades, needed to, but now I must turn to others to aid me in reaching an audience. I don’t have the financial resources to do it alone. I need $9,625 to take my epic poem to humankind! Please help, if you can…

Read a Free Sample Chapter, Book I, on Amazon (USA, UK), Barnes & Noble, or as a PDF. https://fglaysher.com/images/FGlaysher_The_Parliament_of_Poets_Book_I.pdf

THE ARGUMENT – A brief headnote sketch of each chapter or “Book.” PDF.https://fglaysher.com/images/THE_ARGUMENT_The_Parliament_of_Poets.pdf

YouTube Playlist, Epic Poetry Readings.

Please share this Kickstarter Project with friends and family, blogs and elsewhere, the media, whatever you can do, and help get the word out about The Parliament of Poets: An Epic Poem, *in Performance, on Stage*.

I’m very grateful for your help. See you at the Performance! Journey to the moon!

Frederick Glaysher


Alas, my Kickstarter Project has failed to reach its funding goal. February 14, 2014

Lord Apollo does not approve of my plan. Seeking his will, I have already dispatched a retainer to the Shrine at Delphi. The oracle hath sent back, once again, this cryptic poem,

The Golden Tripod

Today being the ancient Greek holiday of St. Valentine’s Day, I shall retire to a glade to sport with Amaryllis in the shade, but will mull over his riddle as best I can…

The Poet of the Moon

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