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eReading Huckleberry Finn

ebooks, eReading

ebooks, eReading

February 1, 2009 eReading Huckleberry Finn

I have a Sony Reader PRS-505. In March of 2007, I saw one at Barnes & Noble on display and sat down and played with it for half an hour, and that was it. I had to get one. (I don’t have any affiliation with Sony or B&N.) It’s a very comfortable device to read books on. I found myself forgetting I was on an electronic thing, and was just drawn into reading one morning in my favorite chair by a sunny window….

New users might find it harder to make that transition, but I’ve been reading books for years on my Palm PDAs. Actually, I remember now that the first time, and only time, I’ve ever read Huckleberry Finn was on the first Palm I had, a much more primitive device than Sony’s Reader. That experience was much more frustrating for a number of reasons: a very small screen, colored green, and a very sloppy text from the University of Virginia’s early etext database. And yet, I knew a threshold had been crossed, one that made me think and look to the future….

Frederick Glaysher

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