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Hating Whitey. And Other Progressive Causes.

David Horowitz

David Horowitz

Hating Whitey: And Other Progressive Causes. David Horowitz.

For Betty – Oh God, What Have We Done…. June 16, 2000

One brings to a book everything one is and has been through. Let me discuss David Horowitz’s Hating Whitey by seemingly digressing a little on my own experience. I grew up in the white suburbs of Detroit during the `60s and `70s and have vivid memories of the Detroit riot and my uncle and aunt’s bakery being almost burnt to the ground, while their neighbors and friends were increasingly driven out by violence and the erosion of social order. In the end, they too accepted the inevitability of flight for their lives. More than forty years of programs and promises of “renaissance” have only produced a dysfunctional city that often can neither educate its young nor reliably provide the most basic services such as snow removal and, for a couple of days now, electricity….

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The Myth of the Enlightenment: Essays
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