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Finished the 8th Draft of The Parliament of Poets

Galaxy NGC 6822

Galaxy NGC 6822

August 17, 2012.

This morning I finished the entire eighth draft of The Parliament of Poets.

The eighth draft of the printed ARC or Advance Review Galley was only partly finished, up to the time whenever it was I sent it out and had it printed by Lightning Source, which version was about July 8th. That means up through BOOK IV, for the printed ARC. Most of the digital copies have been July 17th, to BOOK V, or earlier.

The Summer Serialization version, in ePub, has, however, been the eighth draft of each book. In fact I’ve finished each book usually three or four days ahead of publishing it on Sunday mornings throughout the summer. I’ve now finished BOOK XI and XII, so the entire epic is the eighth revision. I made some interesting changes and clarifications, much sharper here and there, with additional lines. Some nuances in BOOK XI, set in Africa.

This morning I found particularly exhilarating the Gates of Horn and Ivory in BOOK XII. I remembered and realized that I had written about both in my book The Bower of Nil and that there were fruitful connections to be made.

Frederick Glaysher

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