Soaring above Mt. Tai

Mt. Tai from the Moon 


Mt. Tai from the Moon

It was an arduous, overwhemling journey from Bagan, Burma, up over Lhasa, Tibet to Dunhuang. Sun Wukong was my able guide, having traveled the way, though a different route. He led the Persona into the Mogao Caves, his guiding presence understood a fellow seeker. From there, he took the Persona to Chang-an, where Du Fu led him up the many stairs of the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, taught him a sweeping view of China, coming down from that tower, a different man. In the courtyard, Bai Juyi lifted him up to Mt. Tai and the Azure Clouds. I imbibed the beverage of the Three Vinegar Drinkers, savored its harmonizing nature.

Not yet back to the moon, but closer, heading east, into the rising sun.

Frederick Glaysher

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