The Baha'i Faith & Religious Freedom of Conscience


"According to the direct and sacred command of God we are forbidden to utter slander." --Abdul-Baha

"Unmeasured vituperation employed on the side of the prevailing opinion really does deter people from professing contrary opinions and from listening to those who profess them." --John Stuart Mill, On Liberty (51-52).

Compare bahai tactics to the communist cadre or The Modern Inquisition of Catholicism.

Susan Maneck, Baha'i scholar 

See also Susan Maneck, Baha'i scholar: 

Susan Maneck - The Video: Shiite Ideology of Baha'i Fanaticism

Baha'i - Dr Susan Maneck - Islamic History Class at the
2007 Royal Falcon Baha'i School - Pensacola Beach, Florida 


I realize that most people here on talk.religion.bahai have figured much of this out long ago, but the underlying Shiite ideology of Baha'i fanaticism is so clear in Susan Maneck's video that I urge you to consider watching it, not merely for what it demonstrates about her own thinking, but also that of Iranian and "administrative" Baha'is, and what has gone so terribly wrong with the Haifan interpretation of Baha'u'llah's religion, under the counterfeit will and testament of Abdul-Baha.

Susan Maneck has a very long and complicated history of censorship and coercion on behalf of her fundamentalist interpretations of the bahai writings. Please see Professor Juan Cole's extensive comments below on her along with Paul Dodenhoff, revealing her calculating obsequiousness and lack of integrity. Many other insights into her behavior may be found around this website written by many other people. 

Especially noteworthy are the comments regarding Maneck by Steven Scholl:
Steven Scholl re: Article in American Family Foundation's Cultic Studies Journal by Karen Bacquet

Professor Juan Cole's comments on Maneck at misrepresentations and bites on my back  
Cole's more general comments on Susan Maneck: Re: Ms Maneck, Dr Cole 2/21/99 .

Rod Wicks, January 22, 2004: See especially his insightful remarks at

Susan Maneck advocates fraudulently clicking on a google advertisement I had for some months on their Adwords system, apparently in the hope of driving up the cost so much that I'd discontinue it. Such are her tactics and those of the fundamentalists among my fellow bahais.

In an attempt to defeat the 3rd interest poll for talk.religion.bahai, the Bahai scholar Susan Maneck called for a NO vote on AOL and alt.religion.bahai, accusing me of "slander" while referring to my opinions as "garbage." When I asked her to present the evidence of such "slander," she was never able to identify anything significant other than my views which are widely known. The similarity of her strategy of demagoguery to that of Mark Towfiq, a member of the BCCA, during the first interest poll, should be noted. Maneck made similar charges against Dr. Juan Cole in early October 1998 on AOL and elsewhere.

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Juan Cole's comments, given above, misrepresentations and ***bites on my back*** , are essential to understanding this entire incident. Further, some might find helpful Cole's more general comments on Susan Maneck: Re: Ms Maneck, Dr Cole 2/21/99.

Susan Maneck is the current "community leader" on the AOL bahai message boards. See the over four-year record of her activities to suppress free speech and conscience at AOL.

NOTICE 10-6-03 - AOL Message Boards expire into oblivion

Hikmat & Taqiya

In addition to below, see HikmatMENU

For what Bahais call "hikmat" or wisdom or dissimulation, see Susan Maneck's :"Wisdom and Dissimulation: The Use and Meaning of Hikmat in the Baha'i Writings and History." Baha'i scholar Susan Maneck has a particularly notorious reputation for practicing hikmat.

For anyone interested, the Wikipedia article on taqqiya (taqiyya or taqiya) cites an outstanding article by Ibrahim, Raymond. "How Taqiyya Alters Islam's Rules of War: Defeating Jihadist Terrorism". Middle East Forum. Winter 2010. Having read a number of articles on taqqiya over the years, I've highly recommend Raymon Ibrahim's piece. It is available online:

For a Muslim perspective on Bahai dissimulation, see Amir Butler on ""Taqaiya"

On H-Bahai: The Practice of Taqiyyah (Dissimulation) in the Babi and Bahai Religions by Sepehr Manuchehri

Maneck - DRIVING people out of the Bahai Faith  

[In this context, for how bahai institutions operate and why, see Juan Cole in "The Baha'i Technique": ]

Maneck displaying her 'healthy' Baha'i patriotism > it was the US that bombed a mosque.... 


From: Fran Baker <>
To: <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>
Subject: Re: [Fwd: talk.religion.bahai]
Date: Monday, December 07, 1998 5:03 AM

Resending this to all due to a typo I made in Susan's email address.

Fran Baker wrote:
> Sorry, Susan, but sometimes an appeal to courtesy is not appropriate.
> I have to let my coproponents know what you are planning to do.
> I can't believe you are letting a personality conflict resulting
> from a passionate disagreement color your judgment in what is
> essentially a human rights issue.  You have crossed a line here.
> --Fran
> PS Who is  Hi, whoever you are!
>     ---------------------------------------------------------------
> Subject: talk.religion.bahai
> Date: Mon, 7 Dec 1998 12:31:28 -0500
> From: "Susan Maneck " <>
> To:
> CC: Fran Baker <>
> Dear Ron and Fran,
> I am seriously contemplating calling for a "no" vote on
> talk.religion.bahai. I wanted to contact you first and explain to you
> my rationale because I know this is something you have both
> worked hard for. In the past I have not participated in the votes at
> all. I wouldn't vote for it because I wanted nothing to do with a list
> promoted by Fred and I felt that there ought to be the requisite
> number of 150 truly interested individuals to form it. On the other
> hand, I would not vote now because I thought it wrong because I
> did not think that an unmoderated list should be opposed in
> principle. Now, however, I find the manner in which Fred is going
> about seeking to establish this list to be more than I can stomach
> and publicly calling for a "no" vote appears to be the only way to
> register the extent of our outrage against this kind of behaviour.
> What I refer to specifically is the campaign of slander and calumny
> against not only the Institutions,  but against myself and the Bahai
> Studies list. As you know, he accuses this list and me of
> censorship, which you yourself know is not true. He is also trying
> to prevent my managing the Baha'i Message Board of AOL for the
> same reason. He constantly spams that Board making any
> genuine discussions virtually impossible.
> I'm going to sit on this a couple of days and give myself a cooling
> off period before taking any action, but I've really had it "up to here"
> with this jerk.
> Please do me the courtesy of not forwarding this message to Fred
> (although you may convey my sentiments and my intentions). I do
> not care to see it up in his website tomorrow.
> warmest, Susan