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From: <>
Subject: Re: Ms Maneck, Dr Cole
Date: Sunday, February 21, 1999 2:32 AM

I would like everyone to take note that I was accused of lying (again), and
this is now being retracted (again), although I am still accused of playing
fast and loose with the facts (which I don't and haven't).  I am also accused
of being "delusional" because I am suspicious of the motives of posters I
don't know in cyberspace, when in fact it would be a sign of dysfunction if
one wasn't. As for Maneck's relationship to the Baha'i authorities, she has
herself boasted to common friends of ours of corresponding with House members
about how to 'deal with Cole', and she served as a spy on an academic
editorial committee for counselor Ghadirian, passing over to him detailed
reports on confidential discussions, one of which she accidentally shared
with an editor.  And now she wishes to make my revelation of this role itself
a reason for which *I* should be thought delusional?

Denis MacEoin once said on British television that if the rightwing Baha'is
ever got into power they would put dissidents in mental asylums, just as the
Soviet authorities had.  When you have highly connected Baha'i ideologues going
about trying to smear people as 'delusional' for daring to disagree with the
party line, you begin to see what Denis was talking about.

cheers    Juan

In article <>, (Smaneck) wrote:
> Dr. Cole writes:
> >Susan's response to you once again contains
> >an accusation that I am "lying."  Whenever I have confronted her on this, she
> >has backed down and agreed that I believe what I say to be true.  So has
> >Schaut.  So both have admitted that in fact they don't believe me to be
> >lying, which is usually defined as voicing a deliberate falsehood (something
> >I've never done about the Baha'i faith).
> Okay let me put it this way. Dr. Cole is uttering
>  things that are false  when he has evidence
> that runs in exactly the opposite direction. He also deliberately presents
> materials in ways he knows are misleading such presenting rumors of why the
> deep south teaching was stopped in such a way that those not familiar with the
> members of the NSA would be left with the definite impression that members of
> that body  like Dr. Khazemzadeh were racist.
> I think, none-the-less that Dr. Cole does believes that the gist of what he
> says is accurate,  so much so that the does not think it wrong to play fast
> loose with the details in order to prove it. Also, when he starts ranting
> my getting "marching orders" from the World Centre or talks about secret
> running  the Faith, or just now, starts insinuating that even non-Baha'is
> be working for the AO, one does begin to wonder if there isn't some genuine
> delusions involved.

Juan Cole
History, U of Michigan

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