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AOL bahai message boards


It's widely believed that Susan Maneck is the current "community leader" on the AOL bahai message boards. See the over five-year record of her activities to suppress free speech and conscience on AOL and a number of bahai newsgroups and mailing lists at Maneck.

To understand how long of a problem the censorship has been, under the fundamentalists among my fellow bahais on AOL, please read a 1998 message by an AOL member.


AOL Legal Department's Address and many messages suppressed and deleted by Maneck on AOL

Selected AOL Messages 2002


  Continuing AOL Censorship by bahais during 2001


Messages for 2000 included in archives


Censorship on AOL Late 1998-1999
Even Baha'is on AOL are complaining about Mark Foster 7/11/99
Re: Bahais terminate my AOL account (Re: fw Ruletherod on AOL Re: Personal St... 3/8/99
To: and 2/4/99


Unidentified Bahais on America Online's Message Boards under Keyword Bahai successfully
convinced the TOSGeneral to place a TOS against me. After considering the evidence I presented, documenting Bahai censorship and attacks against me and others on AOL, the TOSGeneral removed the TOS.

Wendy's Bahai diatribe against my posting to AOL 9/3/98
Initial threats on AOL of reporting me to an auxiliary board member - a common Bahai tactic of intimidation 9/8/98
Sample of AOL Bahai messages to which I was responding 9/9/98
AOL first notifies me of placing a TOS against me 9/11/98
My first response to AOL 9/11/98
Kate Mccolloch's message regarding AOL chatroom harassment 9/11/98
My message to Kate Mccolloch advising contacting AOL TOSGeneral 9/11/98
My appeal to others to contact AOL TOSGeneral 9/11/98
My second response to AOL 9/12/98
AOL reviews the evidence and removes the TOS 9/12/98
False strategem of "spam" used by Bahais to justify TOS 9/12/98
Bahais continue unabated their attack against free speech & conscience on AOL and elsewhere 9/13/98

Responding partly to this same incident, cf. Re: Unpopular voices getting equal time....10/1/98

AOL Censorship 1/1/99 to 2/28/99 Half a megabyte. Ascending order.

This file contains extensive evidence of censorship by the Bahai Forum Leader Mark Foster,
Susan Maneck, and other Bahais on AOL.

See Maneck's references to my opinions and ideas as "garbage" and "litter." Some might
find it helpful to compare the revelations of Juan Cole on Susan Maneck: Re: Ms Maneck, Dr Cole 2/21/99