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Hikmat & taqiyya, "wisdom," "dissimulation" and "deception," key Baha'i concepts

If you're unfamiliar with hikmat and taqiyya in either a Muslim or Baha'i context, it's basically the "wisdom" of lying and dissimulating to protect yourself or the faith and deceive enemies. Outside observers should be especially careful and alert to Hikmat & Taqiyya when reading and evaluating all Baha'i sources and claims.

"Oh ye people of the world! The virtue of this Most Great Manifestation is that We have removed from the Book whatever was the cause of difference, corruption and discord, and recorded therein that which leads to unity, harmony and agreement. " Baha'u'llah


A SELECTION of 1997 messages on the H-Bahai forum regarding Hikmat & Taqiyya (taqqiya or taqiya, taqiyyih, taqia), "wisdom" and dissimulation, deception, key Baha'i concepts.

For anyone interested, the Wikipedia article on taqqiya cites an outstanding article by Raymond Ibrahim. "How Taqiyya Alters Islam's Rules of War: Defeating Jihadist Terrorism". Middle East Forum. Winter 2010. Having read a number of articles on taqiyya (taqqiya or taqiya, taqiyyih, taqia) over the years, I highly recommend Raymond Ibrahim's piece. It is available online:

For insightful discussion of Baha'i hikmat, see William Garlington's 2005 book: The Bahai Faith in America. Praeger. 2005

The Practice of Taqiyyah (Dissimulation) in the Babi and Bahai Religions

An outside view of hikmat and taqiya or taqiyya

"declining to purchase life by that mere lip-denial which, under the name of taqia (concealment) is recognized by the Shi’ites as a perfectly justifiable subterfuge in case of peril; (39)"; "From this time on the Babis were more careful than ever to conceal their faith, and were usually ready to deny it when their lives were in danger. This practice of dissimulation (taqia) was approved by their leaders, as it had been previously approved by the Shi’ites.(47)" Search > " taqia "

Baha'i scholar Susan Maneck has a particularly notorious reputation for practicing hikmat & tiqiyya

Wisdom and Dissimulation: The Use and Meaning of Hikmat in the Baha'i Writings and History

While different, compare taqiyya to the Jewish recitation or prayer known as the Kol Nidre or Kol Nidrei and its varigated story of interpretation.

The Baha'i Technique - Slander & Shunning

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