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> Subject: NO! vote campaign: talk.religion.bahai
> From:
> Date: 1997/03/12
> Message-Id: <5g674t$6ba$>
> Newsgroups: talk.religion.misc
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> This appeal for NO votes was apparently posted recently to the
> Bahai woman's discussion listserv.
> >Mark Towfiq ( wrote:
> >Subject: RE: Pointer: CFV talk.religion.bahai
> >Dear friends, a situation which has been developing over the past few
> >months has finally come to a head.
> >
> >As many of you may already know, the soc.religion.bahai newsgroup
> >was created in the Holy Year (1992) to serve as a forum for the
> >Friends to discuss the Faith on USENET and a non-threatening
> >place for people investigating the Baha'i Faith to ask questions
> >and receive answers. As part of its creation, we decided that
> >it should be moderated, and that the Charter should spell out
> >very clearly what were unacceptable types of postings. Among
> >such unacceptable postings were deemed personal insults and
> >attacks on individuals and religious institutions.
> >Later last year, the Charter was made more explicit to exclude
> >postings which undermine the Covenant. The newsgroup has been
> >moderated by a set of Baha'is since its inception who, in my
> >opinion, have applied the Charter and Baha'i principles to a
> >high degree of fairness, and have maintained a rather good tone
> >and environment. We have received numerous compliments about
> >this over the years.
> >
> >Recently, an individual, FG (I do not know if
> >he is a Baha'i or not), has accused the moderators of
> >soc.religion.bahai of "censorship", claiming that they will not
> >allow his point of view to be posted there. As a result, he
> >has asked for the creation of a new, unmoderated forum, called
> >talk.religion.bahai. The postings which Mr. Glaysher complains
> >about were all rejected on the basis of tone; he wanted to
> >post open insults and sarcasm, and the moderators
> >asked him to re-phrase his postings. He refused, and claimed
> >he was being censored, and embarked upon this campaign to
> >create a new newsgroup.
> >Dear Friends, if this new newsgroup is created, in my opinion
> >it will cause great confusion; there will now be two, almost
> >identical fora to discuss the Faith, but one of them will allow
> >any sorts of postings, including postings from Covenant-breakers.
> >Besides this fact, such a newsgroup is not necessary, as there
> >exist plenty of open forums on USENET (such as
> >talk.relgion.misc) where Mr. Glaysher may post his opinions
> >"freely".
> >
> >HOW TO VOTE NO: Send email to:
> >
> >With the only text of the message being:
> >
> > I vote NO on talk.religion.bahai
> >
> >I would be happy to provide further information or
> >answer any questions about this matter.
> >
> >Regards,
> >Mark Towfiq
> >