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Susan Maneck's "Get over it" > I.e., the injustice of the fundamentalist administration


Reflect, Gentle Reader, what is "it" that the many victims of the fundamentalist uhj are supposed to get over? I submit "it" is defined by Professor Juan Cole in "The Baha'i Technique":

"The purpose of having this system where it is so easy to turn insiders into outsiders is to maintain very strict control over the community by its leaders. The idea is that everyone still on the inside will fear being made a non-person or being ostracized or being shunned, and so will keep quiet and let the leadership do as it pleases with them. Silent suffering of tyranny and injustice from one's leaders is the actual definition of a Baha'i in good standing. Of course, this requirement is cult-like...." 

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Bahai institutions DRIVING people out - Maneck's "get over it" 9/17/03


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Melissa wrote:
>I remember this, too. At the time I thought you were making too much
>of it but corrosive is a good word for it....


>My own view was that a lot of them just got tired.  Karen is right
>that the anger runs out eventually, for everybody (well, almost

Anger runs out eventually among the who  psychologically healthy. I think
that's one of the reasons the House never takes immediate action against people who lash out against  them. They usually wait until it is very clear they
aren't going to 'get over it.'

warmest, Susan

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A similar message posted by Maneck in 2005 reveals the bahai administration's approach to driving away people and views of conscience:


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> By all means compare her lucid staments and opinions with the
> statements/none-statements of the above author (Fredrick Glaysher).

Shhh, Infinity. Let sleeping dogs lie. We just got rid of Freddie,
don't do anything to bring him back.


[ I invite the reader to reflect on the tactics and technique of the above message. From another viewpoint, it is precisely the intention of bahai apologists to provoke and draw its victims back into the fray. My leaving talk.religion.bahai had nothing to do with the typical onslaught of slander, insult, and derision meted out by Maneck and other apparatchiks of the bahai administration, but was entirely due to personal reasons, partly discussed in Farewell. ]

Compare the bahai tactics to the communist cadre or The Modern Inquisition of Catholicism.

More on Susan Maneck, Bahai scholar

Compare the 1997 comments of David Langness on driving people out of the Bahai Faith