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Susan Maneck, Baha'i scholar:  

Susan Maneck, Baha'i scholar 

"According to the direct and sacred command of God we are forbidden to utter slander." --Abdul-Baha

"Unmeasured vituperation employed on the side of the prevailing opinion really does deter people from professing contrary opinions and from listening to those who profess them." --John Stuart Mill, On Liberty (51-52).


Dear non-bahai observer,

For further background on Susan Maneck and her tactics,
see Susan Maneck, Baha'i scholar:
"In short, she has lied and made misleading statements about
me in the past and this recent statement of hers is just
another example of her lack of honesty." Steven Scholl
"...she has behaved toward me in an academic setting
with dishonesty and deceit in such a way as deprives her
of the right to debate me publicly. She spied on me and
lied about it. She betrayed confidences in such a way as
to cause her academic colleagues to demand and get her
resignation from a position she had held." Prof. Juan Cole
Juan Cole, February 13, 1999:
"It is a very, very, very weird religion. And if anyone is reading
Susan Maneck's absolutely bone-chilling screeds on the
desirability of Heresy Trials and carefulness in Shunning,
they are seeing what it is like at the core of the religion."
"I really am sorry for them and her, since they seem sort of filled with
hate and quite paranoid, yet say they are preaching love, unity and
tolerance. Susan will say, 'may your abdomen be split by lightning
and your guts fall out you filthy heretic whom I wish I could just have
shunned and buried', and then she'll sign herself "warmest" and
slander a university by adding it to her sig line. As if what she is
about has anything at all to do with *universities*!"
"Isn't it sort of suspicious that she shows up at AOL
backbiting me so assiduously on a forum where I am not
even present? ... Is the only way to stay a Baha'i
to capitulate morally in this way?" Prof. Juan Cole
"As for Maneck's relationship to the Baha'i authorities,
she has herself boasted to common friends of ours of
corresponding with House members about how to 'deal with
Cole', and she served as a spy on an academic editorial
committee for counselor Ghadirian, passing over to him
detailed reports on confidential discussions, one of
which she accidentally sharedwith an editor. And now
she wishes to make my revelation of this role itself
a reason for which *I* should be thought delusional?"
Prof. Juan Cole

"I find Susan Maneck's speculation about his [Abbas Amanat] 
extremely internal, private,existential beliefs, based on nothing 
extremely more than hearsay, to be extremely rude and the height 
extremely of slander...." Prof. Juan Cole

Rod Wicks, January 22, 2004:
I disagree...and my disagreement is based on years of online discussions
in which Susans [Maneck] propensity to accuse (openly or through innuendo)is
reflected by other fundamentalist Baha'is. So too the evasiveness, the glib,
trite smarmy non answer, the drive by 'blipvert' of one line innuendo, the
refusal to stand and defend/justify/explain any attack or allegation, the
retreat into cowards killfile when her dishonesty is exposed.....all these
are common features of what has been described as the Baha'i Technique.
I did not believe such a phenomena could exist when I first came online...
today the evidence is irrefutable and undeniable. Susan M perfectly reflects
all that is worst about contemporary Baha'i culture...'they' know it and
love her for it.

No....Manic and fundamentalist co workers do not simply "represent" the
Baha'i community...they *ARE* the community...their identification is
total/complete. Any criticism of any aspect of Baha'i is perceived by
Manic and Co as a direct personal attack and they respond by attacking
the individual rather than the argument. They will invent and
manufacture 'enemies of the faith', 'violators of the Covenant' and
even stoop to open allegations of criminal activity.

The AO cannot possibly be deaf, dumb and blind to this activity any
more than the online Baha'i gallery and lurkers are blind to it.
It is granted approval, formal or informal, open or matters

The truth is apparent in examination of the facts...the facts are
available in review of the archives...the archives reveal incident
after incident/event after event in which Susan (or co fundamentalist)
levels a baseless and unprovoked serious allegation, refuses substantiation,
hides behind glib and evasive [expletive] and/or killfile and receives
open or tacit support for doing so.

Susan represents a prevailing culture of abuse, slander, denial and
> [Susan Maneck's] notion of "integrity" is clearly revealed here- [snip]
> It involves misrepresentation, slander, psychic assumptions, refusal
> to substantiate or explain and repetitious ad hom as an evasive device
> to avoid acting in an ethical manner. [Susan Maneck's] will go to any lengths
> to avoid responding to a justifiable call for substantiation of her
> baseless allegations...she will cut, snip, evade, convolute and red
> herring her way away from the question.
> When called to account she will plead "hounding".
> All ethical connect to the notion of 'integrity' has been forfeit by
> her.
> Rod in
"You, Madam, are devoid of propriety, dignity and morality." El Baquiano
"Since I prize the Baha'i Faith, words that insult it are vile. And
since I never uttered nothing resembling them, I say that you are
falsely attribute them to me. You continuously imply that my
motivations are suspect and nefarious and that I am attacking the
Faith and its institutions. Yet in the face of irreproachable proof to
the contrary, you continue to add to your mound of lies.".El Baquiano


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