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Radio, TV, and Other Interviews: A New Vision of Life on this Planet.

The Parliament of Poets on CTN Ann Arbor TV. With Dana Denha, For Your Information FYI.
10-minute Interview. September 20, 2019. Starts at 5:52.

Interview with R. J. Fox at the Kerrytown BookFest, Ann Arbor, Michigan. September 11, 2016. 7 minutes: "Very intrigued by his background. I'm extremely impressed with the quality and depth of the writing. So well written. It's almost like a stepping stone into all this world lit that people might otherwise never touch":

April 6, 2015. > "My Odyssey as an Epic Poet: Interview with Frederick Glaysher," with Arthur McMaster, in Poets' Quarterly. A revised and slightly expanded version which I consider definitive now on The Globe.

01/11/2015 Epic poet/visionary Frederick Glaysher... "Frederick Glaysher, he is the epic poet and visionary, and the author of two extraordinary books, The Myth of the Enlightenment and The Parliament of Poets. I recommend both." Mike Schwager, The Enrichment Hour, POETRY, PEACE, ENLIGHTENMENT... Sunday, January 11th, Starts at minute 3:40+ (Segments 1, 2, 3). Interview WSRado mp3 23 minutes.

London > Epic Poetry Reading. Colourful Radio, with Lester Holloway. February 5, 2014. Reading a short excerpt set in London, outside Westminster Abbey, a British Parliament of Poets! 5 minutes.

Listen to (Skip BBC NEWS. June 18, 2013) "FREDERICK GLAYSHER in conversation about his great epic poem of startling originality and universal significance, THE PARLIAMENT OF POETS, which is ingeniously enriching the canon of 'literary epics' while in every way partaking of the nature of world literature." —Dr. Hans-George Ruprecht, CKCU Literary News, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada. Includes two excerpts from The Parliament of Poets: An Epic Poem. Direct from this server Here 26 minutes. (Skip BBC)

"With his new book, THE PARLIAMENT OF POETS, Frederick GLAYSHER is in a creative dialog with the greatest epic poets of all time. He is bringing together in beautiful verse form, tending, as he writes 'to the iambic pentameter, depending on thought and need', diverse visions of humanity from all over the world. Frederick Glaysher's poetic imagination is frequently casting them in the form of spatial and cosmic imagery. That is very exalting to the reader's spirit. What is more, in reading his new book one is not only compassing, beyond the horizon of empirical facts, a borderless world, but one is also beholding the 'oneness' of humankind in a different light. • 'The Parliament of Poets' (Earthrise Press, 2012) by Frederick Glaysher is a pure joy; embodied in a literary work of fine verbal art, it is contemporary 'world literature' at its best." Dr. Hans-George Ruprecht, CKCU Literary News, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada. August 6, 2013. — ENCORE 26 minutes. (Skip BBC)

Frederick Glaysher Interviewed on Robert Hayden. By Elizabeth Hoover. August 14, 2008. 2 hours. mp3.

Internet  Internet Interview - November 7. 2002

Omniversica1:  Academic  Maladies - August 20, 2003 10 minutes. mp3.

Omniversica2:  Academic Maladies - August 20, 2003 5 minutes. mp3.

Cable TV

Poetry, United Nations        
Hartford, Connecticut. August 22, 2000. 10 minutes. 25 MB. Poetry, United Nations


KTWM - California - January 6, 2000 12 minutes. mp3. United Nations.

WALL - New York - February 21, 2000 7 minutes. mp3. United Nations.

WPON - Michigan - September, 1999 41 minutes. mp3. Margo LaGattuta, Interviewer. Poetry, deconstruction, United Nations.

MCRI - Michigan Civil Rights Initiative 2006. United Nations 1999+ Radio TV Interviews Fora 230+ stations.

Dunhuang, China

China Video Journal, 1994
Cicadas in China. 4 minutes. 15 megs. Fulbright-Hays Group Project to China 1994.

Mogao Caves, Dunhuang, China



Radio, TV, and Other Interviews: A New Vision of Life on this Planet.

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