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It’s one of today’s most compelling topics. Ask your listeners what they think and watch the calls come pouring in. Fred Glaysher tells the truth about modern history and the decline of the Humanities in the University and what it means to our nation. A fascinating, down-to-earth guest, widely interviewed after 9/11, Glaysher alerts your audience to why we need to change our way of thinking. Expect many calls and even controversy as this expert reveals: Which scourges of the 20th Century...including devastating war, racial upheavals and cultural violence...could now become even worse in the New Millennium without a new global vision that helps people around the world see and feel and understand Our Common Humanity. All the more so now with the GLOBAL PANDEMIC of Covid-19!

What he’s learned about the West (and our future) by living on an Arizona Indian reservation...and about East Asia in Japan, India, and China, from being a life-long student of all of the great world religions and wisdom traditions, and a participant and leader in interfaith dialogue.

A Veteran Radio Guest, here’s what Hosts say about Glaysher:

"A powerful interview!" Margo LaGattuta, WPON, MI
"Very well done. I’d have him on again in a heartbeat." Roy Justice, KXIC, IA
"Great interview!" Lynn Thompson, WALL, NY; "Good show!" Dave Miller, KNOX, ND
"I got several calls immediately." Ken Behrens, WJBC, IL; "A great guest!" Mike Todd, KXEL, IA
"An informative and articulate guest. We received excellent feedback!" Jessie Frees, WMTR, NJ
41+ stations including major million+ audiences in New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Baltimore, DC, Atlanta, Detroit, St Louis, Denver, Louisville, Pittsburgh, Ontario. In Michigan: WBCK Battle Creek, WTCM Traverse City, OWOF Chelsea, etc.
Syndicated to 189 stations in NY, MD, OH, IN, KT, TN, MO, FL, MS, S/ND, MN, WI, NE, CO, AZ, WA, CA. Interviews / lectures / forums / readings: University of Michigan, Wayne State University, WSU Law School, Saginaw Valley State University, The Wright Museum of African-American History, Detroit Public Library, Troy Public Library, Gerald Ford Museum, etc.

CREDENTIALS: Frederick Glaysher is a world-traveled author and former Fulbright-Hayes and NEH scholar whose expertise and knowledge of international politics and affairs makes him an excellent on-air guest. In 2000 and 2012, he was an accredited participant at the U.N. Millennium Forum and Summit and UNA Members Day, both held in the General Assembly Hall. A former board member of the U.N. Association of Greater Detroit. Author and Editor of ten books, including THE PARLIAMENT OF POETS: AN EPIC POEM, evoking a global, moderate, spiritual vision of humanity coming together in peace and unity for the common good of all peoples. Former board member of the Troy-area Interfaith Group, Troy, Michigan. Glaysher holds two degrees from the University of Michigan, where he studied with the poet Robert Hayden and edited his Collected Prose (UM Press) and Collected Poems (Liveright).

AVAILABILITY: Michigan, Nationwide, via telephone or Skype (preferred), **CALL Telephone: 248-652-4982** for last-minute interviews. 
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My Main Points:

1) The decline and politicization of the Humanities in the University has led to fanatically intolerant secularism and nihilism. Academic and cultural nihilism have disoriented and confused modern civilization, leading to many of our problems of extreme factions and social disharmony.

2) A Universal Spiritual Vision of the Oneness of Humanity—global, beyond race and extreme Nationalism—can help reinvigorate modern culture, world civilization, youth, with a sense of a new future, and further the development of a moderate, democratic, cooperative United Nations for the Third Millennium, one that lives up to its original promise, helping to revitalize the commitment to Democracy at the national level.

3) The modern secular vision of the Enlightenment is insufficient to provide the psychic energy needed to save ourselves at this time of global danger and crisis. Humanity must reconnect with the universal visions of the great spiritual teachers and poets who understood that the cultivation of the inner life of the individual is the way to create inner peace, which can have a positive impact on the outer world and community, deepening the meaning and purpose of life. Far from reverting to any single religious exclusivism that seeks to dominate and control society, humanity needs to achieve, affirm, and shift to a deeper recognition of what is moderate, universal, peaceful, pluralistic, and commonly shared among all of the great spiritual and wisdom traditions, East and West. Quantum Physics, contemporary biology and psychology harmonize with the 200,000 year spiritual history of Homo sapiens.

QUESTIONS - All the more pertinent nearly two decades after 9/11, and the return of authoritarian, if not Marxist, fascist, and racist tendencies.

1) How have extreme interpretations of the Enlightenment undermined and destroyed the Humanities? Can the University be saved from academic Marxism and its current litany of radical politicization? Race, gender, and class? Supposed "social justice" progressivism that "cancels culture" and free speech and conscience and open debate?

2) Hasn’t religion always caused more trouble than it’s worth, leading to social upheaval and contention, if not violence? What is religion?

3) How can a new universal, spiritual outlook lead to peace? Why do you think it can help?

4) Why choose the epic poem as a form in which to speak to humanity?

5) How have imaginative stories changed and shaped the world throughout history?

6) What does it mean that epic poetry is a unique way of obtaining knowledge?

7) Isn’t politics a more sensible way of changing the world? More likely to succeed?

8) What do you mean that the Enlightenment has become an exclusivism, like the old ones?

9) What role has modern Scientism played? How is that different from science?

10) How does Quantum Physics intimate a new conception of spirituality? Biology?

11) How has modern science transformed the meaning of the old religious ideas and words?

CTN Ann Arbor, Michigan TV Interview, with Dana Denha on FYI. 10-minutes. September 20, 2019. Starts at 5:52.

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