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Sketch-outline on my blog of my five main literary books: For Fancy Reigns in That Estate. "Alas, we human beings are dying all around the world because of “ideas”! So, I said to myself, let us journey to the Moon, beyond the world of 'ideas…'"

The following images are in both 72 ppi and 300ppi. All copyrighted photos are in the tiff format and can be processed as you wish, for professional purposes, with permission hereby granted, or help yourself to any jpg images, including from Gallery I and Gallery II (right click, Save Image As).

FG woods


FG_woods_standing clipped 300ppi.jpg 7MB 300ppi

FG 9-9-2018

FG 9-8-2018 jpg 800x 300ppi

FG 9-8-2018 Original 2pt5 MB


Frederick Glaysher 3-26-2017 - 200 ppi
FG 3-26-2017 2592x 300ppi Large




November 15, 2015. At the end of the Lexington, Michigan, breakwater. 150 pixels. jpg. Right click, Save image as...

Frederick_Glaysher_LexingtonNov2015. 2.97 megs. 300ppi.

Frederick_Glaysher_LexingtonNov2015 1.48 megs. Original full photo.


FG March 1, 2015. 25 kb. 117 x 157 pixels. jpg. Right click, Save as...

Frederick Glaysher 3-1-2015 small 300 pixels 72 ppi jpg

Frederick Glaysher 3-1-2015 4x6 300ppi 1.75 megs

Frederick Glaysher 3-1-2015 800x1200 ppi jpg 263 kb

Frederick Glaysher 3-1-2015 square headshot 300ppi 4.2 megs

Frederick Glaysher 3-1-2015 CMYK LargeTiff original 38 megabytes 300 ppi


Frederick Glaysher (jpg) At Big Sur, July 4, 2011.

Frederick at Big Sur, July 4_2011 small 72ppi (tiff) 1,387 kb

Frederick at Big Sur, July 4_2011 large 300ppi (tiff) 135,592 kb 300 ppi


(jpg) In my study, working on my epic poem, January 27, 2011.

Frederick Glaysher 2011 small 72ppi (tiff) 3,504 kb

Frederick Glaysher 2011 large 300ppi (tiff) 316,938 kb 300 ppi


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