My Response to Poets Against the War


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Letters to the Editor / PRESS RELEASE
The New York Times Book Review
229 W. 43rd Street
New York, New York 10036  

"Poets Pit Pens Against Swords" by Martin Arnold. 
February 6, 2003 

PRESS RELEASE - Feb. 6, 2003

My Response to Poets Against the War: 

In predictable fashion The New York Times Book Review and much
of the media have chosen to support the more radical and supposedly 
"enlightened" viewpoint on the tiff with The White House and Laura Bush.

A more misguided and wrong-headed response could not exist. It’s 
so fraught with cliches I hardly know where to start. In general, it’s 
a pity that Sam Hamill, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, and others who think 
like them, demonstrate once again that poetry, as defined by them 
at least, indeed doesn’t matter, so complete is their inability 
to think seriously about the threat represented by Saddam Hussein
and his weapons of mass destruction. Their ridiculous pose of mounting 
the barricades is really quite contemptible. It is clear that the crowd 
alluded to by Mr. Hamill summons poetry to their own radical 
distortions and agendas, achieving only a further marginalization
of an art that has all too often, among some, lost allegiance to
the civilizing values of peace, which require defense never more so
than now.

Far from "the conscience of our culture," such poets have
no sense of history and the deep obligations of our country, to
ourselves and to the world, which the burden of power lays
upon us at this juncture. President Bush is right to call the United 
Nations to live up to its founding Charter, to be a common refuge 
of defense, "to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war," 
not merely consultation, reduced to a crumbling Tower of Babel. At 
this time of national and international crisis, poets who betray their
nation, art, and humanity merit no audience at The White House.

For a different view of the issues involved, I invite your readers 
to consider my essay "The Victory of World Governance": 

Frederick Glaysher                                                                                             
Earthrise Press
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Rochester, MI 48308-1842 USA

My comments or postings of my Press Release

The Penny Post by Andrei Codrescu
New York Downtown Express, NY - Apr 15, 2003 (response) (quoted) (posted twice, twice deleted)

The Victory of World Governance


Poets Against the War (Sam Hamill) 
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David Horowitz: "...All dissent is legitimate and should be protected speech. No dissent is treason as defined by the laws of the land. However, dissent that refuses to make a distinction between Iraq and America, dissent that compares our leaders to Nazis, dissent at this point in time that incites organized opposition to our nation’s efforts to defend itself is betrayal. Two presidents have asked for authorization to use force against Iraq, and both parties have voted to give that authorization to Bush. In war, some sort of basic unity against the enemy is necessary. To seek to disrupt that unity is to aid the enemy."

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"...the U.S. should explore creating an alternative U.N. consisting only of liberal democratic states that would be a better diplomatic forum than the collection of tyrannies, basketcases, and enemies of the U.S. that currently occupies One U.N. Plaza."