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Many of the messages for alt.religion.bahai and talk.religion.bahai, since for 1997, can be recovered from the files below included in the BahaiCensorship zip file.

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Talk.Religion.Bahai - Passed on the third vote - January 10, 1999


talk.religion.bahai arb83198-103198

talk.religion.bahai 1199-22899

talk.religion.bahai 3199-43099

talk.religion.bahai 10-24-99

Alt Religion Bahai January 1, 1998-Februrary 28, 1998

These files cover extensive efforts by Bahais to suppress talk.religion.bahai after it finally passed following three years of relentless opposition. Talk.Religion.Bahai 1 - 1 megabyte. 1/1/99 to 2/28/99.
Talk.Religion.Bahai 2 - 1/2 megabyte. 3/1/99 to 4/30/99.
Talk.Religion.Bahai 3 - 1.2 megabytes. 5/1/99 to 8/31/99.
Talk.Religion.Bahai 4 - 851kb. 2/8/99 to 1/31/00.
Talk.Religion.Bahai 5 - 895kb. 2/1/00 to 8/1/00.

Bahai Censorship on AOL - During Early 1999

AOL Censorship 1/1/99 to 2/28/99 Half a megabyte. Ascending order.
This file contains extensive evidence of the Bahai Forum Leader Mark Foster and Susan Maneck's targetting me in order to result in the suspension of my AOL account.

Alt.Religion.Bahai Archive - April 1997 to October 1998

The first three ascii text files are not arranged in chronological order and date from approximately
early April to late August 1997. They can be searched with any text editor.
Alt Religion Bahai 1 1.1 megabytes
Alt Religion Bahai 2 860k
Alt Religion Bahai 3 744k
Alt Religion Bahai 4 322k (Ascending chronologically: September 9, 1997-November 4, 1997)
Alt Religion Bahai 5 1.4 megabytes (Descending chronologically: Sept 22, 1997-Dec 31, 1997)
Alt Religion Bahai 6 800k (Ascending chronologically: September 10, 1997-January 7, 1998)
Alt Religion Bahai 7 600k (Ascending chronologically: January 1, 1998-Februrary 28, 1998)
Alt Religion Bahai 8 1.2 megabytes (Ascending chronologically: March 1, 1998-April 30, 1998)
Alt Religion Bahai 9 1.2 megabytes (Ascending chronologically: May 1, 1998-June30,1998.)
Alt.Religion.Bahai 10 1.1 megabytes (Ascending chronologically: Sept 11, 1997-June 28, 1998)
Alt.Religion.Bahai 11 1.39 megabytes (Ascending chronologically: July 1, 1998-August 30, 1998)
Alt.Religion.Bahai 12 1.4 megabytes (Ascending chronologically: Aug 31, 1998-Oct 31, 1998)
Alt.Religion.Bahai 13 1.5 megabytes (Assorted files from January 1, 1998 to December 31, 1998.)

Bahai-Discuss Archive - Fall of 1997 - ALL FILES AVAILABLE ONLINE

This archive contains all postings to the Bahai mailing list Bahai-Discuss that had anything to do with the second interest poll for talk.religion.bahai during the approximately two months prior to my being deprived of my right of access by the BCCA. I believe the files below reveal most convincingly the fanaticism and involvement of the BCCA in attemptingfor more than two years to scuttle talk.religion.bahai and thereby the involvement of the Bahai administration itself. Ascii text format. Messages appear in chronological order.
Bahai Discuss Archive September to early November 1997. 1.1 megabytes. All discussion re trb
Bahai-discuss-sampler1 9/21/97 22k A selection from the full Archive of fanatic opposition to trb
Bahai-discuss-sampler2 9/22/97 14k A selection from the full Archive of fanatic opposition to trb
BCCA (Bahai Computer and Communication Association) 33k. My pleading with BCCA to intervene
BCCA vows "steps have been taken to prevent his posting to any forum for which we have responsibility" 1k 11/10/97 BCCA ignores my pleas and expels me from its lists

Talk.Religion.Bahai Archive - Fall 1996 to March 1997

Discussion prior to the creation of alt.religion.bahai, that related to the first interest poll on talk.religion.bahai. These ascii text format (*.txt) files are not arranged in chronological order. They can be searched with any text editor.
Talk Religion Bahai 1 1 megabyte
Talk Religion Bahai 2 1.2 megabytes
Talk Religion Bahai 3 1.4 megabytes
Talk Religion Bahai 4 1.2 megabytes Archive

This unmoderated mailing list served as a transition from approximately the end of the second vote for talk.religion.bahai to early May 1998 when it was superceded by which eventually changed its name to The list and its archive were deleted shortly after talk.religion.bahai was created in January of 1999. Most of its messages were crossposted to alt.religion.bahai and may be found scattered throughout the respective archives here. 26k