A third 5-star review was hacked off on June 26, 2018. What most of the profiles that were used to replace them with 1-star reivews all seem to have in common is an evangelical, fundamentalist Christian outlook, while the deleted reviews are from people with a much more open and universal vision of spirituality. If you have any trouble posting a review, please send an email. fglaysher@gmail.com

The authors of the 5-star reviews have each told me that they did not remove them: SoulWhisperer (Tina Benson), Anodea Judith, and Lion Goodman. Screenshots below show they were all Verified Purchases.

On Amazon, Soulwhisperer/Tina Benson had awarded a 5-Star rating. For some technical reason, when printing to PDF, the Stars didn't print. She also posted basically the same review to Goodreads, where the 5-Star rating was preserved with a screenshot.


Tina Benson

TEXT: "I believe Frederick Glaysher's book, The Parliament of Poets, is one of the most important books of our times. In this grand sweeping epic, Glaysher has managed to live up to the task given to him by The Parliament of Poets. At a gathering on the moon of many of the most important poets of all time, Glaysher as the Persona is given the task of creating a new vision for humanity; one of Unity and Oneness of humankind. As he travels around the globe, throughout history, guided by the various poets and thinkers of days gone by, he has the vantage point of viewing humanity's oneness from the overview perspective of the moon, synthesizing and integrating the great thinkers of all time. He has returned from these journeys to the moon and back with an epic poem that manages to fulfill the task given to him. He manages to create for the reader a tangible vision of our shared humanity, and makes an impassioned plea that we WAKE UP before we destroy ourselves and our one precious planet. His is an inspired epic that integrates the ancient wisdom teachings of the world's greatest wisdom teachers and poets and breathlessly leaves the reader returned safely to Earth with a new vision and sense of responsibility towards our shared humanity. It is a very important book for our times and a MUST READ!!!!"


Anodea Judith:

Anodea Judith

TEXT: By Anodea Judith on January 2, 2016
reposted 2-8-2017 after it was deleted the first time (second Jan. 24, 2018).

"I am in awe of the brilliance of this book! Food for the soul, and answers to humanity's most pressing problems, right where they belong, in the epic poetry of all the teachers, magicians, prophets, shamans, and poets of all time... Bravo, bravo, bravo. Everyone must read this book, especially if you enjoy literature, wisdom, and philosophy. We held a poetry salon in honor of this book. It was wonderful!" —Anodea Judith Verified Purchase

Anodea_Judith_2nd_Reposted Review 2-9-2017

Lion Goodman:

5 star

TEXT: "Frederick Glaysher has written a truly epic poem. Over a 30-year period, he crafted a story of history, archetypal energies, famous writers and poets from around the world, spiritual lessons, personal growth, adventure, and beauty. His writing takes you soaring across space and time, and his wealth of knowledge and wisdom shine through on every page. It makes me wish I could study at his feet, or that I could sit at his feet and listen to him weave this tale in person. 'Look Inside' and you'll be hooked - just as I was."By Lion Goodman "Evocateur"on August 28, 2015. Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase


Contrary to an email that I received that represented itself as coming from Amazon Community,
both reviews by Anodea Judith and Lion Goodman were
Verified Purchases and each reviewer, again, emailed me
that they had not deleted their review.
(posted at the links below)

On Amazon, see also extensive further details under the critical reviews by "callie b" and "Country Holes."

Link to Callie b review on Amazon (Then Click Comments):


Link to Country Holes review on Amazon (Then Click Comments):



The Parliament of Poets: An Epic Poem



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