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Censorship and disinformation pervade bahai cyberspace

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Censorship and disinformation pervade bahai cyberspace and have since the advent of the Internet. Discussion on Beliefnet's Baha'i Debate and Talisman9 is no exception. Repeatedly, "liberal" moderators have shown themselves as ready to squelch open and free discussion as the worst fundamentalists in control of soc.religion.bahai, AOL's message boards, and other mouthpieces of the bahai administration, such as H-Net Bahai and Unenrolled Baha'i on Yahoo! Groups, intended to monitor and regulate dissent. Use them with caution and realize that you are usually NOT hearing voices of dissent because the sweet and pleasant "moderators" have prevented people from posting their views.

Talk.religion.bahai remains the only place of online discussion that NEITHER fundamentalist nor liberal prejudice and passion can censor, though often manipulated in other ways.... by creating false identities and alias, playing good-cop / bad-cop, double-agents, and other deceptions, including websites that pretend to be critical of Haifan Baha'i positions while actually in their control and promoting subtly positive views and spins.

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