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Bahai-Discuss Archive - Fall of 1997


This archive contains all postings to the Bahai mailing list Bahai-Discuss that had anything
to do with the second interest poll for talk.religion.bahai during the approximately two
months prior to my being deprived of my right of access by the BCCA. I believe the files
below reveal most convincingly the fanaticism and involvement of the BCCA in attempting
for more than two years to scuttle talk.religion.bahai and thereby the involvement of the Bahai
administration itself. Ascii text format. Messages appear in chronological order.

Bahai-discuss-sampler1 9/21/97 22k A selection from the full Archive
Bahai-discuss-sampler2 9/22/97 14k A selection from the full Archive
BCCA (Bahai Computer and Communication Association) 33k. My pleading with BCCA to intervene
BCCA vows "steps have been taken to prevent his posting to any forum for which we have responsibility" 1k 11/10/97 BCCA ignores my pleas and expels me from its lists.


Full Archive

Bahai Discuss Archive September to early November 1997. 1.1 megabytes. All discussion re talk.religion.bahai


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Censorship and disinformation pervade bahai cyberspace