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Frederick Glaysher

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Luther Zink, Wortzburg (Wurzberg?), Germany. 

Stephen Zink m. Anna Rose. Children: 
Charles, born in Germany in 1886, died 1921. Married Margaret Mary Weiden. 

Joseph Weiden married Maria Deintz. Children: 
Margaret Mary b. Detroit, 1884, m. Charles Zink. 
Catherine, m. Henry Jacobs. 
Mary, m. Carl Linke. 

Children of Charles Zink and Margaret Mary Weiden (mother's maiden name, Sprengel): 
John, d. 1946. 
Margaret Irene, b. Detroit, 1912, d. January 15, 2000, m. Charles Vurginac.
Marion, d. 1926.
Agnes Germane, m. Julius Schehl. See her genealogy below.
Joseph, d. 1991, m. Lois La Voie, d. September 10, 2000.
Veronica, d. 1977, m. Peter Lassing.

Children of Margaret Irene Zink and Charles Vurginac:
Charles (Chuck) Edward Vurginac. d. 2014.
Rita Irene Vurginac, b. Margaret Mary, June 28, 1931, baptized Rita Irene, m. Eugene Leonard Glaysher.
Irene Mary Vurginac, d. 1999.
Thomas James Vurginac. d. 2015.


Sources: Agnes Germane Zink Schehl, handwritten Zink and Vugrenic genealogy, July 1993.  

Margaret Irene Zink Vurginac, undated handwritten notes.

Charles Zink. Death Certificate. 1920.