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Frederick Glaysher

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Pavao Vugrinec, shoemaker;
married Helena Birro; one known son, Carl Ciril Vugrinec.

Edmund Volke, bookbinder, born 1875, died December 15, 1939;
married Magdalena Trucer; one known daughter, Mari Volke.

Carl Ciril Vugrinec, merchant, b. October 7, 1878 in Varazdin, Croatia;
m. Mari Volke, June 26, 1904 in Dakovo, Croatia at the Roman Catholic Parish of All Saints. After demobbing from the Austro-Hungarian Army, Carl left Croatia November 24, 1920, with his wife and then three children, entering the USA at Ellis Island. Click here to view their marriage certificate.

Mari (Volke) Vugrinec b. August 11, 1883 in Dakovo, Croatia, d. November 11,1972. Buried in Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Detroit, Michigan. Their children were Paul, Mary, Charles, Joseph.

Charles Vugrinec (He changed the spelling to Vurginac) Born October 3, 1909; d. August 19, 1974, age 64;
married Margaret Irene Zink (January 10, 1912 to January 15, 2001), age 89.
Four children, Charles Vurginac, Jr. (deceased),
Rita Irene Vurginac (Glaysher) (June 28, 1931; Died January 10, 2011),
Irene Vurginac (deceased),
Thomas Vurginac (deceased), Born September 30, 1945; Died March 17, 2015.


Sources: Agnes Germane Zink Schehl, handwritten Zink and Vugrenic genealogy, July 1993.  

Margaret Irene Zink Vurginac, undated handwritten notes. 

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