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Frederick Glaysher

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Pedigree of GLAYSHER

Serialised in the Parish Magazines

Oct 1905 to Feb 1906


All Saints' Churchyard, Headley, Hampshire, England
I wish to thank The Headley Society for the their 1999 project 
of recording and placing all headstone names on the Internet and  
John Owen Smith in particular for his generous assistance and research.
Most of what I present here of Glaysher lineage is indebted to him. 

To the north of the Church Tower there is a Monument:

In memory of 
wife of William GLAYSHER 
who died 
June 23, [born 1730] 1771 
aged 41 years 
A faithful friend there lieth here 
a wife most kind, a mother dear 
in peace she lived, in love she died 
her life was craved but God denied.

This William and Sarah had six children baptized here; but, except that the youngest died an infant, there is no further record of the children. William Glaysher re-married in 1775, and died in 1805, aged 77. His widow died in 1812. No trace clearly connects (doubtless a close one) with John Glaysher, the ancestor of all local Headley Glayshers. It was thought that the family might have come out of Churt, but, by kind courtesy of the Vicar, the Frensham registers reveal no Glayshers in Churt in the eighteenth century.

John Glaysher, Born 1770, married in 1795 Anne LOE; she died  14 Nov 1833, aged 59 at Hearne (part of Headley); and he died in 9 July 1855, aged 85 at Whitmore Bottom (near both Barford and Churt). They had eight children of whom the second was:
THOMAS, born 1798. In 1827, he married Mary Ann MAIDMAN, and died in
1875. She died in 1877. Their children are:
George, married Jane BOWLES and died in 1894;
Charles, married Rebecca ROBINSON;
Ellen, married to Jonas SHRUBB who died in 1899;

To the south of the Church Tower there is this memorial:

In affectionate remembrance of 
who died 
October 9, 1875 
aged 77 years.
Mary Ann
his wife
died July 13, 1877
This stone erected by their son Thomas

The third son of John and Anne Glaysher was:
GEORGE, born 1801. In 1823, he married Lucy COOMBES, and he died in 1870. She died in 1872. Lucy COOMBES was baptised on 1 June 1800; married George GLAYSHER in 1823, and died 26 Dec 1872 aged 72 in Barford. Her father was John COOMBES, was baptised 16 Mar 1759, married Lucy TRUSSLER in 1784, died 1823 aged 65 (hence not in the 1841 census!). His father was another John COOMBES, baptised 11 Apr 1735, married Abigail WHITELAND in 1757 (she died 1819 aged 87), he died 1803 aged 68. His father was Thomas COOMBES, baptised 21 Jan 1696, married Clare (surname unknown...), and died in 1774. His father was another John COOMBES, who had married Joane (surname unknown).
GEORGE and Lucy's eldest son was:
William, who married Ann NORTH and died in 1884; William and Ann gave Headley Hampshire as their birthplace on the censuses; Ann NORTH was baptised 28 June 1829 at Baigents Bridge (part of Headley), with parents stated as David and Dinah (note spelling, census said Dinia); see Gallery for photo of Ann North Glaysher outside Holly Cottage; having had:
Mary Ann, Mrs BOWYER;
James, of Churt, Surrey, and Headley, Hampshire, England, married Sarah KING; (both with their offspring emigrated to New Brunswick, Canada and then the USA. James is my great grandfather, father of JACK GLAYSHER, who was the husband of MYRTLE CORA STUCK, my grandparents. Death certificates below. Sarah King's sibling's descendants: Rose and Ted; Katie; Florence (Flossie, Florrie) 1Carmichael, 2White), who imigrated to the USA after WWII.
Ellen. Mary Ann and Ellen remained in England; any surving descendants unknown.

To the south of the Church Tower is this Memorial:

affectionate remembrance of 
who departed this life Nov 5 1884 
aged 60 years 
and they shall be Mine saith the Lord of hosts in 
that day when I make up my jewels. 
[Added later] / 
also Ann GLAYSHER 
died June 15 1911 aged 82 years 
Peace perfect peace.

The second, third and fourth sons of GEORGE GLAYSHER, who married Lucy COOMBES, are:
Frank, who married Elizabeth BURROWS, and has had:
Annie, Mrs WOODGER;
George, married Harriett BURROWS who died 1899;
Mary, Mrs SHRUBB;
William, who married Mary A. M. MOORE, and died 1890;
Jane, Mrs BONNER;
James, died 1871.

George, who married Jemima BURROWS, sister to the above, has had:
William, married Beatrice DOPSON;
Charles, died 1886;
George, died 1883;
James, married Minnie G. DOPSON, sister to the above;
Alfred, married Laurie LLOYD;

James, who married Sarah SHRUBB (she died 1895), and had:
William, married Eliza MARSHALL;
Lucy, married William GAUNTLETT;
George, married Emma MIDWINTER;
Sarah Ann, died 1880;
James, married Eliza BROADIS;
Esther, married William George BELL;
Mary Alice and Kate, twins;
John, married Annie TURNER.

The youngest son of GEORGE GLAYSHER, who married Lucy COOMBES, is:
Charles, who married Anne MULLARD, and has had:
Ellen, Mrs WALKER;
George, died 1869;
Alan, married Alice Louisa FISHER;
Minnie, Mrs OAKFORD;
Willie, married Clara C. GIRLING;

James Glaysher's Death Certificate May 12, 1858 to November 29, 1944. (James grew up in Holly Cottage on Hammer Lane, on the Hampshire border with Surrey, very close to Churt. The story has come down the generations that apparently there's some kind of front porch on the house with a very low window. Another Glaysher descendent has said, "My great-grandfather had put the window in so that his sons when they were little could stand and watch for him coming down the lane from work." The window was still there in 1978 and a few years ago . 
From a different source, "Holly Cottage, Hammer Lane. Single storey stone structure. Old tiled roof. Lattice windows. One of the few remaining squatters cottages, built of local materials by members of a family who, if they had a fire burning in the hearth within 24 hours, could claim 'squatters rights' over the piece of land. Now modernised." https://www.johnowensmith.co.uk/headley/treasure.htm). Buried in White Chapel Cemetery, Troy, Michigan.
Sarah Glaysher's Death Certificate September 20, 1866 on gravestone (1865 on death certificate) to April 30, 1946. Sarah (King) was from London. James and Sarah married on Valentine's Day. In Headley, Hampshire, perhaps possibly related, "The ‘long churchyard’ (the acre added by Mr Laverty in 1909) [Nos. 503–945]. Section E – Row I: Nos. 864–909. Stone: 892. Plot: [not given]. On the stone: "In loving memory of Mary and Kate twin daughters of James and Sarah GLAYSHER." Buried in White Chapel Cemetery, Troy, Michigan. 


William (Bill) Glaysher: Born November 14, 1885-1956. Soldier in Her Majesty's Service, in India, perhaps for years. Buried White Chapel Cemetery, Troy, Michigan.

Charles (Char) Glaysher: Dates unknown. WWI soldier. Married Katie. Became a Salvation Army officer. Moved to Honolulu, Hawaii and died there or may be buried in Los Angles.

Amy Glaysher: Born March 23, 1892 to February 3, 1973. Buried White Chapel Cemetery, Troy, Michigan.

Ruth Glaysher: Born 1888 to 1935. Deceased. She married Joe Wallace, a Canadian soldier in England during WWI and returned with him to Fredericton, New Brunswick. She was the first Glaysher to emigrate and then eventually brought over everyone else. As a young woman, she had been a governess in Argentina.

Jack Glaysher Born 4 Jul 1903. 4 Jul 1903. Died 12 Feb 1973. Married Myrtle Cora Stuck. Our grandparents. Worked as a lumberjack in New Brunswick. Later, in Michigan, as fence builder and then a dispatcher for the Michigan State Police. Their children were James William (Died 1932 at 6 years old), Phyllis, Frieda (deceased), Eugene (deceased).

May Glaysher: Born 1895 to 1932. She might have come over at the age of 18 in 1913. She had three children. Cyrus?, a son, and two girls, Frances and Amy-Jean, the latter two raised by the brothers Jack and Tom.

Thomas James Glaysher: Born April 21, 1906. Died September 14, 1981. He married Frances A. Orser of New Brunswick. Buried White Chapel Cemetery, Troy, Michigan.

Eugene Leonard Glaysher, Born January 28, 1932; Died February 14, 2011.
Married Rita Irene Vurginac, Born June 28, 1931; Died January 10, 2011.
Five children, two deceased:
William Eugene Glaysher, Born, May 28, 1958; Died January 11, 2015.
Daniel Joseph Glaysher, Born December 23, 1964; Died May 7, 2016.

In 2010 my son had his genome DNA tested showing the 
Paternal Haplogroup reaches back to Gascony in Southern France and 
the Basque Region of Spain, as far back as  20,000 BCE, 
the time of the paintings in the Lascaux and Altamira caves.
The result should be applicable to other Glaysher descendents.


Possible additional Glaysher information and ancestors:

Parish of Headley – Burials – by surname 1539–1851

1599/01/08 Glaysher Glasier [alias Digenson] Richard?

1603/02/28 Glaysher Glasier [alias Digenson] Dorotie ?

widow of Richard of Lynsted
1771/03/16 Glaysher Glaysher George 

1771/05/26 Glaysher Glaysher Sarah 

wife of William
1775/03/11 Glaysher Glaysher Frances 

a child
1805/01/13 Glaysher Glaysher William 

1812/12/27 Glaysher Glaysher Elizabeth 

1814/05/01 Glaysher Grazier Samuel 

1833/11/14 Glaysher Glaysher Ann 

1837/11/26 Glaysher Glazier Ann 

1841/09/05 Glaysher Glazier Mary 

1844/05/12 Glaysher Glaysher Frances 
33  Barford

Parish of Headley – Wills Index – by surname 1571–1857
1599/01/24 Glaysher Glasier [alias Digonson] Richard Will 1599/01/08 PROB 11/93 yeoman

The following are further Headley Treasures not yet on official list:
Holly cottage, Hammer Lane (squatter's rights?)

Glaysher Marriages online:

M/F Date Family Surname Forenames Age Stat Occ Abode Father F's Occ Bride/Groom     Witness1   Witness2   Witness3   Notes
F 1615/11/20 Glaysher Glasier Jane             Norris Norris John              
M 1775/04/28 Glaysher Glaysher William       Headley     Cole Cole Elizabeth Brider William Andrews Andrew      
M 1795/12/24 Glaysher Glaysher John       Headley     Loe Loe Ann Nash Eliz Burrow Charles      
M 1823/11/06 Glaysher Glaysher George   U   Headley     Combes Combs Lucy Combs Kezia Bayley William      
M 1827/06/30 Glaysher Glaysher Thomas   -   Headley     Maidman Maidman Mary Ann Baker Jane Bayley William, clerk      
F 1831/04/05 Glaysher Glaysher Sarah   U   Headley     Finden Finden William Glaysher Anne Heighes Ann      
M 1832/03/06 Glaysher Glaysher James   U   Headley     Fullick Fullick Frances Finden William Moore Elizabeth      
F 1832/03/06 Glaysher Glaysher Anne   U   Headley     Triggs Trigg Eli Finden William Glaysher Mary      

Glaysher Baptisms online

Date Family Surname Forenames Parents F Occupn Abode Notes
1586/10/21 Glaysher Glasier Chatheren Edmonde      
1589/03/08 Glaysher Glasier Richard Edmund      
1593/09/23 Glaysher Glasier Elizabeth [blank]      
1762/04/02 Glaysher Glaisher Mary William/Sarah      
1764/06/15 Glaysher Glaisher James William/Sarah      
1765/12/16 Glaysher Glaysher Elizabeth William/Sarah      
1767/04/03 Glaysher Glasher Anne William/Sarah      
1769/06/09 Glaysher Glaisher Martha William/Sarah      
1770/12/05 Glaysher Glaysher George William/Sarah      
1774/07/14 Glaysher Glaysher/Cole Frances (f) William Glaysher/Elizabeth Cole     natural daughter
1776/12/15 Glaysher Glaysher/Parfait Jane Richard Glaysher/Mary Parfait     natural daughter
1796/07/17 Glaysher Glaysher John John/Ann      
1798/04/14 Glaysher Glaysher Thomas John/Ann      
1801/05/10 Glaysher Glaysher George John/Ann      
1803/05/07 Glaysher Glaysher James John/Anne      
1806/02/01 Glaysher Glaysher Ann John/Ann      
1808/08/08 Glaysher Glaysher Joseph Lucy   Bramley child of God
1808/09/11 Glaysher Glaysher Sarah John/Anne      
1811/11/24 Glaysher Glazier Mary John/Ann      


At least two Glayshers from Hampshire died in World War I and their names, 
F. Glaysher and S. Glaysher, 
appear first at the top of the left center plaque of names on the HeadleyWar Memorial:
"To the eternal honour of / Headley's gallant dead 1914-1919":

imageimage   image


Corner of Churt Road & Glayshers Hill
Headley, Bordon, Hants, England