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An Appeal to Investigators and Journalists
(My appeal to investigators and journalists is for careful, sober consideration
 of what actually may have happened, not a conspiracy theory.)

Note well: In short, the Baha'i Faith had a great deal to gain by the war going forward, reclaiming the House of Baha'u'llah in Baghdad and the Garden of Ridvan, extending the Baha'i pilgrimage circuit to Iraq, and leading to a more tolerant climate there and generally in the Middle East, for Baha'i expansion, all long sought goals. Interference of the Baha'i administration in Dr. Kelly's work should seriously be considered and investigated. Kelly appears to have disclosed the apparent State secret of his identity, as an official who had worked on the dossier, to Baha'is on October 5, 2002, including to members of the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of the United Kingdom, who would not have failed to pass information to the Baha'i Universal House of Justice in Haifa, Israel. 

My comments on Barnabus (sic, Barnabas) Leith's testimony before the Hutton Inquiry also at disclosed : Roger Kingdon versus Barney Leith's Account 

The role of Baha'i Mai Pederson now raises many complex, if not Byzantine, possibilities and should  also be carefully investigated by the Hutton Inquiry. "Kelly did not kill himself."

My response to Sir Richard Dearlove's comments, Chief of MI6, on Kelly's "serious breach" near bottom of this page.

Lastly, by way of introduction, note that Baha'i institutions have a long record of discrediting dissenters, labeling anyone concerned regarding David Kelly a "conspiracy theorist." My appeal to investigators and journalists is for careful, sober consideration of what actually may have happened, not a conspiracy theory, with which such charges Baha'i fundamentalists seek to discredit and smear people with whom they disagree. For numerous comments on such tactics among my fellow bahais, see
"The Baha'i Technique":

See the Blog comments too at this link.

See my video interview on David Kelly for the movie Baha'is in My Backyard - Segment 2

After USING David Kelly, the bahai administration has clearly decided to subtlely repudiate and scapegoat him. Few long-time observers of my fellow bahais will believe for a second that the truth will be learned from UK NSA member Barney Leith, who issued a letter on July 20, 2003 prohibiting UK Baha'is from speaking to the media. His comments should be weighed in the context of ESSENTIAL READING - Two introductory articles on Baha'i fundamentalism and censorship - See links below

"Barney Leith, secretary of the National Spiritual assembly of Britain, who knew Dr Kelly and will testify before the Hutton inquiry about the impact of the Baha'i faith had on him, said he could not know whether the scientist might have taken his own life because of guilt. But he added: "The teachings of the Baha'i faith strongly emphasise the importance of ... keeping one's word.",13747,1027373,00.html 

NOTE WELL: My first email message to the Lord Hutton Inquiry:

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Wednesday, August 06, 2003 8:24 AM
Subject: Dr. David Kelly & the Baha'i Faith - EVIDENCE grows....

The Hutton Inquiry Secretariat
2nd Floor
81 Chancery Lane
Tel: 020 7855 5295
Fax: 020 7855 5299

Dear Lord Hutton,

Professor Juan Cole of the University of Michigan, Department of
History, has mentioned on Yahoo's Talisman9 discussion board that,
given Kelly's briefing of 30 Baha'is in October 5, 2002 and the Baha'i
administration's issuing multiple warnings prohibiting Baha'is from protesting
against the war, it may be that there actually is a Baha'i angle involved.

Here are the crucial documents, so far, suggesting the complicity of the Baha'i
administration in the Dr. David Kelly affair. It may be necessary for the non-bahai
to read these messages, especially those of the National Spiritual Assembly of the
UK and the Universal House of Justice, in the context of the struggle within the
baha'i faith during the last decade, provided by two articles on Baha'i
fundamentalism, one by Professor Juan Cole, the other by Karen Bacquet, in
order to understand the subtlety of what's being communicated to Baha'is.

At the very least, I believe the speculation ought to be carefully
investigated by the British authorities. The Baha'i National Spiritual Assembly
of the United States issued last fall the directive that bahais not protest the war,
and the NSA of the UK issued a similar one. In the context of the Universal
House of Justice's Ridvan Address for 2003, celebrating improved conditions for
the Baha'is of Iraq, and Kelly's briefing Baha'is, I urge the British police to weigh
carefully anything they hear from my fellow Baha'is, especially given their record
of abusing free speech and conscience, thoroughly documented on my website.

The Bahai Faith & Religious Freedom of Conscience

ESSENTIAL READING - Two introductory articles on Baha'i fundamentalism and censorship

  Professor Juan Cole, of the University of Michigan, Department
  of History, has a website of extensive and disturbing documentation
  that anyone interested in the Baha'i Faith should be aware of, especially
  his article "Fundamentalism in the Contemporary U.S. Baha'i Community,"
  Religious Studies Review, Vol. 43, no. 3 (March, 2002):195-217:

  In his book Modernity and the Millennium, published by Columbia University
  Press in 1998, Professor Cole observes the Baha'i administration has
  increasingly come under the control of fundamentalists, "stressing
  scriptural literalism . . . theocracy, censorship, intellectual intolerance,
  and denying key democratic values (196)."

  See also Karen Bacquet, "Enemies Within: Conflict and Control in the
  Baha'i Community." Published in American Family Foundation's
  Cultic Studies Journal, Volume 18, pp.109-140:

  For numerous other views,  I also recommend the over 50 megabytes
  of documentation on my own website, especially "The Baha'i Technique":

NOTE WELL: My second email message to the Lord Hutton Inquiry:

----- Original Message ----- 
Sent: Friday, August 22, 2003 11:43 AM
Subject: Bahai UK NSA Puppet to DECEIVE Lord Hutton

Right Honourable Lord Hutton:

Few long-time bahai observers will believe for a second 
that much truth will be learned from UK NSA
member Barney Leith. After USING David Kelly, the bahai 
administration has clearly decided to repudiated and scapegoat him. 

EVIDENCE grows... Dr. David Kelly & the Baha'i Faith  

For an historical perspective, see "The Baha'i Technique":  

The Bahai Faith & Religious Freedom of Conscience 

NOTE WELL: The NSA of the UK below promotes the policy developed by the Universal House of Justice in Haifa, Israel, a policy released subsequent to Dr. Kelly's address to Baha'is in October, 2002, and calculated to ensure that Baha'is do nothing to prevent the war from going forward, a war recognized by Baha'i institutions as in its own best interest:


National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahašis of the United Kingdom
27 Rutland Gate, London SW7 1PD
Tel: 020-7584-2566 Fax: 020-7584 9402

Guidance from the National Spiritual Assembly, 24 February 2003

The National Spiritual Assembly is aware that reactions in the UK at
national, regional and local levels to the possibility of war in Iraq and to
the anticipated policies of the UK and United States governments has
resulted in an increase in anti-war and anti-government activities, and that
these activities are contributing to divisive sentiments and tensions.
Members of the Bahaši community may be uncertain as to what the proper
Bahaši attitude should be with regard to their involvement in these matters.
Some Bahašis may wish to participate in anti-war demonstrations or to assert
their Oright and responsibilityš to protest.

The National Assembly asks the believers to carefully study the relevant
guidance given by the Guardian and by the Universal House of Justice so that
they will be better able to appreciate and understand not only the
implications of any actions they wish to take, but also the wider
perspective on the unfolding of world events.

In a letter dated 12 January 2003 and written on its behalf to an individual
believer, the Universal House of Justice summarises the issues very clearly:

As you are aware, it is not the practice of Baha'i institutions or
individuals to take positions on the political decisions of governments. [See 
links below regarding involvement in politics.]
One of the greatest 
obstacles to progress is the tendency of Baha'is to be drawn
into the general attitudes and disputes that surround them. The central
importance of the principle of avoidance of politics and controversial
matters is that Baha'is should not allow themselves to be involved in the
disputes of the many conflicting elements of the society around them.

The aim of the Baha'is is to reconcile viewpoints, to heal divisions, and to
bring about tolerance and mutual respect among men, and this aim is
undermined if we allow ourselves to be swept along by the ephemeral passions
of others. This does not mean that Baha'is cannot collaborate with any
non-Baha'i movement; it does mean that good judgment is required to
distinguish those activities and associations which are beneficial and
constructive from those which are divisive.

Bahašis should exercise extreme caution in any active involvement in
demonstrations. Although there is no prohibition against individual Bahašis
joining in marches and demonstrations as long as they are legal,
non-violent, and politically non-partisan, the National Assembly hopes that
individuals will be guided by their Bahaši principles when considering the
implications of their participation in this type of activity. In the current
situation, the overarching principle is that the Bahaši Faith does not take
sides in conflicts between countries. Participating in a march or
demonstration for or against military action in another country presupposes
taking sides. 

In a letter dated 27 November 2001 on its behalf to an individual, the House
of Justice says this:
The programme of the Bahaši Cause itself operates in the political realm to
the extent that it is concerned with inducing changes in public policy and
behaviour at local, national and international levels. To this end, the
community collaborates with other like-minded organisations and works
closely with sympathetic governments and United Nations agencies. In doing
so, its efforts are scrupulous to avoid entanglement in agendas that serve
the interests of particular parties, factions, or similarly biased political
forces. This standard must likewise govern the behaviour of individual

Bahašis may wish to consider channelling their energies into more positive
actions, particularly those which enable Bahašis at local level to
participate in building peace without becoming entangled with political
interestsš. Local Spiritual Assemblies are free to explore such
possibilities, in accordance with their financial and human resources.
Bahašis who are asked for the Bahaši position on the Middle East situation
should respond that the Bahaši Faith does not take positions on particular
crises or conflicts. We hope and pray that all such conflicts will be
resolved quickly and as peacefully as possible. We are confident, in spite
of conflicts which erupt in the world, that world peace is inevitable.
Bahašis support international law and the role of the United Nations. It
would not be appropriate for Bahaši institutions or individuals representing
Bahaši institutions to participate in demonstrations regarding the crisis in
the Middle East.

As Bahašis, we are aware that there will be great turmoil in the world
before world peace is attained. The Bahaši Faith teaches that through the
development of collective security and of international law the means will
be found to control aggression.

Study of the following will help the friends develop a deeper understanding
of the processes at work in the world: The World Order of Bahašušllah,
especially pages 64­67 and pages 191­193, The Advent of Divine Justice,
especially pages 72­77, OThe Promise of World Peaceš, The Promised Day is
Come, pages 114­124, and Citadel of Faith, pages 30­38. The National
Spiritual Assembly also strongly recommends that we study Century of Light,
the document issued by the Universal House of Justice at Naw-Rˇz 2001 that
reviews the profound changes that our world underwent during the twentieth
century in the context of the Bahaši Teachings.

The Major Plan of God proceeds in mysterious and unpredictable ways until it
has achieved its destined goal ­ the unification of the human race in a
global society that has banished war and taken charge of its collective
destiny. But this process has barely begun and we still have a long way to
go. It is ultimately a spiritual process, and in traversing the great
distance that lies ahead there will clearly be many obstacles and pitfalls.
As Century of Light states:

It would be unrealistic to imagine that the challenges lying ahead may not
exact an even greater toll of a human race that still seeks, by every means
in its power, to avoid the spiritual implications of the experience it is
undergoing. [Century of Light, p. 138].

The Bahašis should not be daunted by the world situation. In a timeless
piece of exposition, Shoghi Effendi has already set out what should be our
approach to the operation of Godšs Major Plan and the recurrent turbulence
associated with it. The Bahašis must:

acknowledge its necessity, observe confidently its mysterious processes,
ardently pray for the mitigation of its severity, intelligently labour to
assuage its fury, and anticipate, with undimmed vision, the consummation of
the fears and the hopes that it must necessarily engender. [Promised Day Is
Come, p. 4] 

Let this guidance of our beloved Guardian shape our response to what is
happening to current world events.

At moments of crisis such as this, the needs and the opportunities for
attracting ever larger numbers of souls to the Cause of God are at their
greatest. People are longing for solutions to the problems that have beset
humanity for far too long. Let us, then, devote ourselves, our time, energy
and resources, to the Plan at hand, with complete confidence that from our
humble efforts will emerge the unassailable foundation of the true and
enduring peace of mankind.

With loving Bahaši greetings
National Spiritual Assembly

NOTE WELL: The Universal House of Justice below celebrates the effectiveness of its policy of so-called non-involvement in politics and the second Iraq war, which clearly opens the way for a return of the House of Baha'u'llah in Baghdad, the Garden of Ridvan, and the extension of the Baha'i pilgrimage from Haifa to Iraq as well, where Baha'u'llah began the Baha'i Faith, also leading, definitely, to a significant increase in revenue:


Universal House of Justice

Ridván 2003 [April 21]

To the Bahá'ís of the world
Dearly loved Friends,
1.    As the Five Year Plan enters upon its third year, momentum is
building: the record of achievement during the year just ended far
outdistanced that of the previous twelve months. The thrust of this momentum
owes as much to the increased coherence achieved in the Plan's constituent
elements as to the animating effect of the spirit of unrest pervading the
2.                The circumstances attending the opening of this new
administrative year are at once critical, challenging and extraordinary in
their significance. The entire course of the previous year was agitated by a
succession of crises that culminated in the outbreak of war in the Middle
East. The implications are no less significant for the progress of the
community of the Most Great Name than for the evolution of an increasingly
global society in the throes of a turbulent transition. Of necessity, the
timing, scale and tendencies of this transition have not been predictable.
How swift indeed has been the current change in the tide of world
conditions! In the resultant conflict, involving so conspicuously the
countries in which the earliest history of the Cause took shape, we see a
fresh reminder of Bahá'u'lláh's warning that the "world's equilibrium hath
been upset through the vibrating influence of this most great, this new
World Order". That the events of this crisis directly affect a territory
with as rich a Bahá'í legacy as Iraq is particularly noteworthy.

3.                The disruptions caused by this and other situations in the
world have, in one instance, suggested the opening of a new chapter in the
history of the highly prized but woefully oppressed Bahá'í community of a
land in which the Manifestation of God for this Day resided for a whole
In another, they have dashed the preparations for the Ninth
International Convention at the World Centre of our Faith. But, however
disappointing, this calls for no dismay. When the Major Plan of God
interferes with His Minor Plan, there should be no doubt that in due course
a way will providentially be opened to an opportunity of stellar
possibilities for advancing the interests of His glorious Cause.

The Universal House of Justice

NOTE WELL: Compare this letter sent to all UK Local Spiritual Assemblies with my comments at disclosed. Here is the UK NSA's response immediately after his suicide became known, a complete clamp down on information and an attempt to control everything released to the general public. Notice too that the AUTHOR of this letter is the only Baha'i being interviewed by the Inquiry, a fact and blatant conflict of interest that ought to give serious pause:

20 July 2003
Dear Baha'i friends

We can confirm that Dr David Kelly, whose death was confirmed by the
police on Saturday afternoon was a registered Baha'i. He had become
a Baha'i in New York in 1999 and had been a member of the Vale of
White Horse community in Oxfordshire before the Local Assembly
boundary changes left him as an isolated believer.

He quite regularly attended Baha'i events in Oxfordshire but his
membership of the Faith was not widely known outside the county.

We are aware that quite a number of the friends have been approached
by journalists about Dr Kelly. We would ask that any further
approaches by the media should be referred to the National Secretary
or to Carmel Momen, our Public Information Officer in the Office of
Public Information on 020-7590 8785.

Please do NOT give the Secretary's contact details to journalists
but obtain their telephone number and say that the Secretary will
call them back. Then please telephone the National Office with
these details and ask that they be passed to the National Secretary

We feel sure you will appreciate the sensitivity of all of this.

Needless to say, we extend our deepest sympathies to his his wife
and daughters. It should be noted that they are not Baha'is.

With loving Baha'i greetings

National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of the UK
Barney Leith, Secretary

NOTE WELL: Evidence that the Baha'i administration was looking forward to the success of their policies ultimately leading to future pilgrimages to Iraq. Given Baha'i involvement in NITV in LA, it's only reasonable and prudent to consider to what extent the administration actively worked for change, behind the scenes, with or through David Kelly and others:

From: "errol9" 

 I would also like to add to this post that many Baha'is with long time
 experience in the Faith do not consider a pilgrimage to Haifa and Akka in
 Isreal to visit the holy shrines as a full pilgrimage. A fuller and richer
 pilgrimage can only be acheived when Baha'is have freedom to travel to
both Iraq and Iran. Could many of these same Baha'is have actually supported
the UK US war against Iraq hoping to fulfill their dream that: "The future is
 expected to lead to a fuller and richer **pilgrimage experience.** Although
 pilgrimages to Iraq and Iran are at present impossible, the Bahá'ís are
 optimistic, and hope that one day the situation will change."


For an early indication of the importance of the Bahai sites, see Mirza Ahmad Sohrab

NOTE WELL: UK members of the baha'i faith clearly got the message from the UK NSA through various channels:


Kerry/Steve 12/02/2003 
This is a statement from the NSA on the Bahai stance concerning the possibility of war in Iraq.

Dear Kerry, further to our telephone conversation this morning here is the brief statement we issue to the media on request of an opinion about the pending conflict in Iraq. As I said, we do not have a position on what is happening and tend to talk in very general terms about basic Baha'i principles. This statement was prepared by members of the NSA in response to the times newspaper enquiry. I hope will assist you some what in your endeavours, it is always a tricky one. with loving greetings Carmel Momen 

Text as follows: What Baha'is see as the main challenge facing the world is the establishment of a form of administration which can deal with an emerging global society. An effective doctrine of collective security is a fundamental part of establishing lasting peace in the world. However such efforts must be channelled through a genuinely universal mechanism which has the mandate and support of all nations. We are on an evolutionary course towards ever-greater degrees of unity and co-operation. The ongoing disparity between rich and poor, prejudices of race, colour and religion are all barriers to peace. 

NOTE WELL: How worried is the universal house of justice and the UK nsa about the David Kelly investigation? Why would they worry so much if they don't have anything to hide? Fear that further details might come to light? The uhj clearly sent this message as instructions for the Baha'i UK community, via the UK NSA,  on how to handle the UK press and any questions from the Lord Hutton Inquiry. Compare this message with the one from Jo, near the end of this page, regarding Baha'i involvement in politics, especially in Iran via NITV out of LA.



7 August 2003

The National Spiritual Assembly of
the Baha'is of the United Kingdom

Dear Baha'i Friends,

We deeply sympathize in your grief over the tragic circumstances
compounded by the political atmosphere surrounding the death of Dr.
David Kelly, a devoted member of your community. Our ardent prayers in
the Holy Shrines join yours that his soul may progress throughout the
divine realms and that the members of his family may be solaced through
the boundless grace of God.

For obvious reasons, the press has shown particular interest in the view
of the Baha'i Faith on suicide. Our Teachings are clear on this subject
and can be stated simply: The act of suicide is strongly condemned, but
Baha'is do not adopt a condemnatory attitude toward those who commit

We hope and pray that the public arguments aroused by the conflicting
issues associated with Dr. Kelly's death will soon subside. Our
expectation is encouraged by the prospect that the investigation of
these issues that has been officially initiated will not be unduly
prolonged. In whatever way, whether by request of the official
investigation or of the media, members of the Baha'i community may be
called upon to provide information or comment, they will no doubt 
respond in a manner that upholds the principled character of our Faith. 
They will speak with complete truthfulness, and will not permit 
themselves to take sides in the ongoing public debate, eschewing all 

NOTE WELL: David Kelly had apparently shared the experience of tens of thousands of converts to the Bahai Faith, in the USA, UK, and elsewhere, an eventual dropping off of interest in Baha'i meetings due to their tedious structure and the obnoxious personalities of many local Baha'is, who tend to literal-mindedness, self-righteousness, and fundamentalism, effectively driving people away.... a typical pattern for prominent "people of capacity" who unsuspectingly enter the Baha'i Faith. See the link below to a Baha'i compilation on converting prominent people.

Lord Hutton & Mrs. Kelly:

1 Q. We have heard at some time Dr Kelly became a member of
2 the Baha'i faith. Do you know anything about that?
3 A. Only a little. He kept it very privately to himself.
4 It was a few years ago, perhaps five or six years ago,
5 when I realised he was reading the Koran and he was
6 becoming perhaps gentler in his ways, in some ways. It
7 really was a spiritual revelation for him. He read
8 widely on the subject and met a number of people.
9 I think there was one interpreter, Mike Peddison, who in
10 fact later became a family friend, who was quite
11 influential there. He certainly went to a number of
12 meetings in our own local area too until about two years
13 ago and then that dropped off somewhat.
14 Q. It dropped off about two years ago?
15 A. Yes, in terms of meetings. His faith did not drop off.
16 Right to the very end that was important to him,
17 I believe.
18 Q. Do you know why it dropped off?
19 A. I think the prayer meeting structure in the local area
20 changed from being larger groups right down to twos or
21 threes. He found that less comforting and less
22 comfortable. 

NOTE WELL: If Kelly discussed confidential CX reports, without authorization, with journalists, why should one believe Barney Leith's version, not Roger Kingdon's? Why would one assume that Kelly would have refrained from such a "serious breach" as disclosing information to the Baha'i community, with it passing, ultimately, to the Universal House of Justice? As a Baha'i for over 27 years, I believe Kelly's involvement goes far beyond what Barney Leith and similar Bahai administrators would like the Hutton Inquiry to think. There are outright falsehoods in Leith's version that should be cause for alarm and for cautious investigation to determine the truth.

On September 15, 2003:

A. [Sir] Richard Billing Dearlove. I am the Chief of the Secret
20 Intelligence Service popularly known as MI6....

25 A. As chief of the service, I am shocked to see someone
1 discussing one of our CX reports, which is what he is
2 discussing, with a journalist without authorisation.
3 Q. I appreciate he was not within your specific area, which
4 is why I have not asked you about it, but what would
5 your reaction have been to finding out about these
6 discussions?
7 A. That it is a serious breach of discipline.

NOTE WELL: Importance and methods of converting prominent people:


Compilation on Prominent People Extracts from the Baha'i Writings and
Letters Written by or on Behalf of Shoghi Effendi  and the Universal House
of Justice

I. The Importance of Guiding "Distinguished Souls to the Cause"

 "I hope that thou wilt ... endeavour to teach some high-ranking and influential persons," (numerous quotations)

II. Some Guidelines for Reaching Prominent People

"Our Guardian hopes and prays that you will be guided in your endeavour to
bring together at the banquet various prominent citizens of various races
and religions with the sole purpose of winning then ultimately to the
recognition of God's sacred Faith. You must stress the universal aspect of
the Cause and show utmost kindness and love to them all as a preparation to
their eventual acceptance of the entire truth."

NOTE WELL: Journalists and Investigators of the David Kelly affair will doubtlessly be told by representatives of the Baha'i administration that Baha'is don't get involved in politics. I urge
those interested to carefully read this message and reflect on how deceptive such claims are:


From: "jodarling2001" <jodarling2001@y...> 
Date: Tue Aug 19, 2003 8:52 pm
Subject: Re: Baha'i Influence

I'm not sure how this thread started. It probably had something to do 
with David Kelly and the influence that Baha'is are having in current 
world affairs, including protests, politics, and maybe even wars.

To answer your questions - it is a matter of connecting the dots.

> Are you saying that people here on the LSAs in 
> the Perth community have connections to political parties in Iran?

Dot one: The first 'dot' is that there is a TV program based in Los 
Angeles who has Baha'i anchor people and Baha'i guests:

Here is the heading of an article from the NY Times linking the NITV 
programs to the call for new Government in Iran:

TV Stations Based in U.S. Rally Protesters in Iran
By NAZILA FATHI (June 22, 3003)

TEHRAN, June 21 &#8212; Jilla, a prosperous homemaker, has been trying
to outwit the Iranian government's campaign to jam Persian-language
satellite television stations based in Los Angeles. 

Dot two: One of the Baha'i couples that you named as the linchpins in 
the Perth Community broadcast into Iran from NITV.

Dot three: The article from the NY Times suggests the NITV broadcasts 
have contributed to the student's protesting in Iran:

"In Iran many of those who came to the demonstrations said they did so
after listening to the foreign broadcasts."

Dot Four: The article in the NY Times makes a connection with 
political parties in iran:

"The foreign stations are also viewed with suspicion because of their
support for Reza Pahlavi, the son of the former shah of Iran."

So if we connect the dots we see a Persian Baha'i couple (active in 
the Baha'i Administration) from Perth broadcasting from a LA radio 
station which is influencing the students and politics in Iran. 
What's more the US Government is going to fund the station to do more.

The web is beyond my investigative skills. I just think, like Juan, 
that it is wise to know the influences that the Baha'i Faith has and 
how they operate. The Faith is now what it is and there isn't much 
that can be done to change that - members and the world just have to 
understand it.


To understand the uhj's attempting to appeal to the NGO community, 
a further instance of its subtle involvement in politics, 
see its repeated use of Marxist historian
  Eric Hobsbawm cited in The Century of Light.

For further evidence of baha'i involvement in politics, see extensive manipulation of the United Nations

The above-mentioned NITV in LA broadcasting pro- return-of-the-Shah propaganda into Iran

Outside observers should be especially careful and alert to 
Hikmat & Taqiya, "wisdom" and dissimulation, key Baha'i concepts

Article on David Kelly in De Morgen, Sept. 6, 2003, by Maarten Rabaey 

EVIDENCE grows... Dr. David Kelly & the Baha'i Faith