The Baha'i Faith & Religious Freedom of Conscience


Disclaimer: Given Abdul-Baha's respect for the individual's conscience and the frequent lack of it in everyday Bahai life, I must emphasize all ideas and opinions belong to their authors and do not necessarily reflect my views. Given the difficulty of authenticating identity on the Internet, I caution the reader that it is possible that people of ill-will of various opinion, whether Sunni or Shia Muslims and others, opposed to the Bahai teachings, however interpreted, might misrepresent themselves. It is left up to the individual to make such judgements for him or herself.

Many other ex-Bahais have explained their decision. Their comments may be found scattered around this website. See also the site Former Bahais.

Roy Hilbinger We Only Fool Ourselves, August 29, 2008 

BAHA'I A Field Guide to the Faith by MrDonut. 2008.
With Help From His Companion Human Nancy Ellen Walker


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March 2006, philosophy and religious studies Professor Dann May[6] and his wife[7] Phyllis E Bernard, current Robert S. Kerr Jr. Distinguished Professor of Law Director of the Center on Alternative Dispute Resolution, Oklahoma City University


Selected Messages from Ex-bahais for 2002


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Selected Ex-Bahais for 2000


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