The Baha'i Faith & Religious Freedom of Conscience


November 17, 2005

Farewell Friends,

A number of changes have taken place in my life
during the last several months that necessitate
I forgo my continuing defense of Abdul-Baha's
respect for free speech and conscience, at least
as an active online participant on talk.religion.bahai,
BeliefNet, talisman9, and elsewhere. Since many might 
well imagine the rumors and libel that would circulate,
should I just disappear from cyberspace, 
I feel it necessary to post this farewell note.

Having witnessed and suffered Baha'i tyranny and
slander, on and offline since 1996, I little
expect it to diminish with my withdrawal to literary
pursuits and other responsibilities. However, I leave 
heartened by the knowledge that so many thousands 
of people now know the truth about the fundamentalists 
among my fellow bahais and their many shameful acts 
of tyranny, oppression, disinformation, and injustice.
Equally encouraging are the many voices of conscience, 
throughout bahai cyberspace, that have arisen to  
champion the sanctity of the individual soul.

The Bahai Faith & Religious Freedom of Conscience 
will remain online for those who find it a useful 
resource and archive. Should any major document
or incident take place or come to light, I would
be happy to make it available and preserve it for
the benefit of my fellow bahais, who follow 
Abdul-Baha's clear and unequivocal Teaching, and
for my fellow citizens, lest they be further deceived
with impunity.

Those who have stood and fought for the rights
of the individual, in the face of a corrupted
administration, have my undying respect.

May God grant you the inner strength and resources
to carry on for the sake of what is human and eternal....

I may be reached at the email address
via the Contact link on my homepage.

The Bahai Faith & Religious Freedom of Conscience 

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