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The only unmoderated, i.e., uncensored forum on the Internet for discussion of all things Baha'i. Note well that one of the tactics of Baha'i fundamentalists regarding talk.religion.bahai is, and has been, to pollute the atmosphere with disinformation and discredit liberals with abuse and slander, so that they can then point to  talk.religion.bahai as what happens without supposedly superior control and restraint on free speech and conscience, extolling their tightly controlled mouthpiece, soc.religion.bahai.

Similarly, most of the Baha'i discussions groups  on Yahoo that are moderated are used to identify and control dissenters, including "unenrolled" Baha'i, Bahai-Apologetics, and talisman9. A concomitant result on all forums, as on BeliefNet, is preventing the development of serious critical thought, reflection, and discussion. Further, the abuse liberals are subjected to convinces independently minded Baha'is to remain silent and keep a low profile, which is precisely the aim of fundamentalists.

A further tactic has been the use of false identities, many quite outrageous and flamboyant, which only extensive reading of talk.religion.bahai can begin to reveal, longer  than the usual cursory non-bahai visitor or lurker will linger. Essentially, some false identities are actually *double agents* pretending to be opposed to the Haifan denomination while actually working on its behalf, especially on talk.religion.bahai

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