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Why I Don't Respond to Fundamentalists

Why I Don't Respond to Fundamentalists

Having observed the tactics of fundamentalists among
my fellow bahais for over twenty-seven years, I've learnt
a few things about the way they operate:

1. Ad Hominem, Scapegoat, Libel, Slander, Defame, Demonize,
Cast in a False Light, Ostracize, Shun, Banish, Smear, Discredit,
Suppress, Attack, Bully, Intimidate, Threaten, Malign, Silence,
Harass, Deceive, etc., etc., the individual...all of which has
become known as "The Baha'i Technique":

2. Lure into supposed discussion then cut the jugular.

3. Work together to create the perception for uninformed non-bahais
that the individual in question is unbalanced, aberrant, "spamming,"
a liar, a slanderer, crazy, disgruntled, reprobate, paranoid, nasty,
obnoxious, mean, enemy of faith, violator of Covenant, Cyberstalker,
etc.... No explanation, substantiation, justification for any of
these attacks and slanders will EVER be forthcoming no matter how,
or how frequently, one asks.

4. Change or ignore the subject by shifting to the past and arguing
over who said what, when, where, how, etc.... Commit cut'n'paste
forgery, lie, misrepresent, evade all core issues and pertinent
questions. If cornered or exposed fundamentalists resort to
point #3 and impose the killfile technique. Fundamentalists will
then talk 'about' the killfiled individual through a third person
and raise further slander, allegations and ad hominem... but never
respond to them with more than 'drive by' attacks. Employ thinly
veiled innuendo and glib, trite, evasive non-answers to any question
or challenge.

These and a host of other immoral, unethical and abhorrent behaviors
have been ongoing in Baha'i cyberspace for years. These behaviors
have been linked, verified, exposed, discussed and confirmed. The
majority of online Baha'is simply do not care that the Baha'i Faith
has become a community detached from, and uninterested in, the basic
principles of justice.....the Best Beloved of All Things.
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As long as the uhj uses the "temporary measure" of "review," for
over 80 years now, to censor and suppress all free thought and
discussion and encourages such unseemly tactics, attempting
to discuss anything with the fundamentalists among my fellow
bahais is simply a waste of time and energy, given the pervasive
atmosphere of lies, deception, and propaganda, all of which may
be readily found on the AOL message boards, BeliefNet, Talisman9,
and elsewhere in bahai cyberspace. After more than eight years,
talk.religion.bahai remains the only online place of discussion
that cannot be censored by either bahai fundamentalists or
intolerant and misguided liberals.

Impartial nonbahai observers might wish to compare and decide
for themselves whether the picture fundamentalists labor so hard
to paint of me is accurate or not:

It is my hope that the distortions of the uhj will begin to be purged,
it will gradually Reform itself, acknowledging the broad and liberal
Teachings of Baha'u'llah that it has betrayed for so many years....