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Newcomers may confirm that I am the founding proponent
for the formation of talk.religion.bahai by reading in the Usenet archive

Talk.Religion.Bahai > MENU - Passed Jan 10 1999 - All Related Documents

During the last few years since the formation of talk.religion.bahai in
1999, numerous fundamentalist posters have slandered, libeled, and maligned
anyone on talk.religion.bahai who does not share their fundamentalist views
of the Baha'i Faith. Such people have a very long record of harassing people
on AOL, talk.religion.bahai, talisman9, BeliefNet, and other Internet
discussion groups, which even a glance at the links below will confrim.

The situation has become intolerable and we are reclaiming the electronic
territory from them by exposing what they have done to others, as attested
to by roughly a DOZEN people regarding their incessant lying, bullying,
abuse, and deceit:

It is understandable that they would seek to misrepresent their
treachery and further malign and SLANDER anyone opposed
to their medieval tactics.

Given the issues of religious freedom and conscience involved, which
are VERY complicated within the Baha'i Faith, I urge newcomers
to decide for themselves by skimming or reading some of the material
at the links below: Other useful material may be accessed through
The Baha'i Faith & Religious Freedom of Conscience


The Baha'i Faith & Religious Freedom of Conscience

Shunning > Menu

Compare "The Bahai Technique" - Slander & Shunning

Susan Maneck, Baha'i scholar

talisman9 "moderator" Steve Marshall - "babytorturer"


Why I Don't Respond to Fundamentalists

unmoderated group talk.religion.bahai passes 218:63
RATIONALE: talk.religion.bahai

The newsgroup talk.religion.bahai is proposed to meet the need for an
open and unmoderated forum for discussion of the Baha'i Faith within
the structure of the Big 8 hierarchies.

The proponents intend that talk.religion.bahai will complement, rather
than supplant, the existing moderated group soc.religion.bahai, and
will provide those without access to alt.religion.bahai the
opportunity to participate. It is noted that the alt.* hierarchy is
less well propagated than the talk.* hierarchy; this has meant that
many people who have voted YES on earlier proposals have been unable
to join discussions on alt.religion.bahai.

CHARTER: talk.religion.bahai

All topics or ideas relevant to the Baha'i faith -- its history,
teachings, theology, etc. -- would be appropriate areas for

Talk.religion.bahai fills the need for a fully open and universally
accessible Internet forum about the Baha'i Faith. Postings may take
any point of view with regard to the Baha'i Faith. While this allows
criticism, it also fully opens the door for enquirers to see with
their own eyes and not through the eyes of their neighbors, asking
questions and reading replies from anyone who is interested in their

Readers are asked to observe standard netiquette in their use of this

Readers are asked to observe Baha'i standards of conduct and not to
start or prolong flamewars in the group, but to focus instead on
articles and threads written in more moderate terms.

The posting of articles not relevant to the Baha'i Faith is
prohibited. Large ASCII graphics, large binaries, pornography, spam,
and any postings of a purely personal or commercial nature are
prohibited. To facilitate viewing in news readers that are not
HTML-capable, HTML-formatted postings are strongly discouraged.

Cross-posting to irrelevant groups is also discouraged, and readers
are encouraged to redirect follow-ups to reduce excessive
cross-posting. Readers may also post articles that have been rejected

>from soc.religion.bahai, so long as they conform to this charter.


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