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BANK FRAUD - Re: Baha'i technique of loan application (using false, inflated statistics to qualify for loans)

False Statistics for Baha'i Membership in the USA, India, & Elsewhere

Compare the Canadian nsa tactics:

Baha'i Faith "Fraud Shop"


BANK FRAUD - Re: Baha'i technique of loan application
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Thank you for your explanation of how fraudulent loans
are obtained by the nsa and uhj. It almost takes one's breath
away! It makes me recall that the nsa dumped the nursing
home in Wilmette, apparently thinking it was NOT worth
a genuine loan and human resources to sustain!


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> Despite the decreased number of enrollments by 60% in 7 years, the US
> NSA is able to obtain loans from US Banks with increased regularity.
> In a non-profit world, the Baha'i organization has to show the
> following as collateral:
> 1) Number of adherents -which has been padded by 2-4 times.
> 2) Number of contributers (even if they pay one cent they are counted)
> 3) Total contribution -this is the IRS filing and does included the
> "padded" loans from wealthy Iranian Baha'is
> 4) Real Estate- recall all those beautifications called "Kingdom
> Project". These improvements increase the value of the real estate
> while also taking a deduction and a depreciation- double whammy!!! Good
> for the NSA pocketbook.
> 5) Publishing Trust value- books written by Baha'is- really "good will
> value". Has anybody read some of those Baha'i books written by
> individuals? I will cite one by Bahiyyih Nakhjavani- it is a piece of
> generous trash.
> 6) Collateral cosigners- such as Amanat-Banani-Sabet-Khojasteh-Hojabr
> Yazdani
> Here is how the loan is applied for:
> 1) NSA applies for a loan
> 2) NSA Provides the number of contributers- now, recall how Baha'i UHJ
> claims that universal participation is important- even if one gives
> $1.00?
> 3) Thus everyone is counted, even if they hardly contributed.
> 4) The total amount of contribution: here, the balance is padded by
> contributions (actually false loans) from Habib Sabet- Khojasteh-
> Amanat- Banani- and many other wealthy Baha'is.
> 5) Once the loan is obtained from the US Bank, then the " paddedd
> loans" from the wealthy Baha'is are quietly returned .
> 6) It is no surprise then to see a deficits of 2-3 millions dollars by
> April of each year- disappear due to "sacrificial givings".
> 7) The giving is really a padded loan from those rich Iranian Baha'i
> Refugees in US-Canada-Australia-Brazil-United Arab Emirates- and even
> Iran.
> This is in summary the Baha'i technique of "padding" the number of
> contributers and "padding" the amount of contributions.
> This technique is used very frequently by the NSA- UHJ. It is very
> difficult to pierce as the number of contributers plus contributions
> can not be entirely audited.
> Recall how the Canada NSA has a huge deficit but in their Tax filing,
> the Canada NSA has a surplus of several million dollars.
> Link:
> ---------------------------------------------------
> There you have it- dear TRB readers.
> I agree with Dr. Maneck in the first part of her response. In the
> second part, you can see how the "padding" is done in order to extract
> the maximum loan amount from the US Bank.
> Henry
> avicenna9012000@[EMAIL PROTECTED]
>> > That is an excellent point.
>> > When the US NSA must obtain loans- then the number of followers
> would be great to inflate.
>> > Non-profit organizations have ways to get their loans approved.
>> Banks look at numbers of contributers and amounts of contributions.
>> They couldn't care less what the membership is if they don't
> contribute.


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One correction= contributors (I made a spelling error)

On the issue of the Home for the Aged- it was closed due to its money
losing venture. In addition, it was a huge liability when the US NSA
tried to obtain loans. So, in Baha'i parlance, it was "good ridance".

Now, you recall that nursing homes in the US operate generally with a
huge profit- simply by billing their services to US- Medicare.

I am baffled that the omniscient-omnipotent- humanity loving US NSA and
its leader Robert Henderson were not able to find one competent Baha'i
to manage the nursing home and make a profit.

This worries me- as such an easy money making venture- was poorly run.

What else is poorly run in the Baha'i financial world? Well, all those
contributions are padded at will- and as in the New Mexico lawsuit and
the Phoenix embezzlement fiasco- the NSA of US basically tries to cover
up the audits.

Recall how well the NSA of US tried to run the Baha'i Travel Agency
back in 1992? Well, it ended up with a deficit of USD 1 million
dollars. This loss was covered up by the US NSA.

In the first place, what business does a non-profit Baha'i NSA have to
run a travel agency?

Do you know of the Vatican running their own airlines? Or the Muslims
having airlines approved by Muhammad? Or Jesus and Moses having their
own airlines and travel agencies?
So, the Baha'is throughout the world run businesses very poorly- partly
due to their Iranian background of "ZERANGI"- refer to the 1996 US NSA
publication regarding Iranian Baha'is- "ability to circumvent the laws-
as a sign of status and intelligence".

Yes, Iranian Baha'is make money throuh their connection with the boss :
UHJ. For example, when marble was quarried from Italy- it was done by a
Baha'i subsidiary. All those marvelous buildings in Haifa, Israel made
great amount of money for Iranian Baha'is who had direct supplier
connection with the UHJ.

These include suppliers of heavy equipment (Sabet), marble from Italy,
architectural designs (Amanat and Sahba), landscaping ,
electrical-sewer-ventilation-water-security, computers- IT,
photography, maintenance, funding through loans from wealthy Iranian
Baha'is in United Arab Emirates-Iran-Australia (Sunland Corporation).

Finally, many of UHJ-NSA investments in stocks are done by insiders-
such as the son of UHJ member Fatheazam. His son runs a company in
Chicago by the name of Vector Research.
Managing Director

Shahab Fatheazam has over 25 years of investment banking experience
working in the healthcare and life sciences industries. From 1994 to
1999, Mr. Fatheazam was a Managing Director of Vector Securities
International, Inc. and joined the Prudential Vector Healthcare Group
in 1999 through the acquisition of Vector Securities by Prudential
Securities. Prior to Vector Securities, he spent 12 years in the
International Corporate Finance and Capital Markets Group at Kidder,
Peabody and four years at PaineWebber where he was a Managing Director
and Co-Head of PaineWebber Development Corporation. Mr. Fatheazam holds
an MBA from Columbia University in New York, and a BA and an MA in
history and anthropology from Cambridge University in England. Mr.
Fatheazam serves on the Boards of AcryMed, Inc., Artielle Immuno
Therapeutics, Inc., and Virogenomics, Inc.



So as you can see, there are a lot of people in the Baha'i faith making
money off the non-profit status of the UHJ-US NSA.