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Baha'i Faith "Fraud Shop"

Baha'is in My Backyard - Full Interview. 2.4 hours.

"Bahais in My Backyard." Movie, 2006. Text of key passages from the 2004 interview of FG by Belfilms, Israel, a production directed by Naama Pyritz and Asaf Shafir, demonstrating the concern of the Israelis about who is truly in control of the Baha'i Faith in Israel and where the vast sums of money are coming from for the massive construction projects on Mt Carmel, Haifa, Israel, which is to say, Shiia and/or perhaps Sunni fanatics whose antisemiticism is reflected in the ban on teaching the Baha'i Faith in Israel; Baha'u'llah's universal teachings coopted into a multi-generational form of Islamic dawah or call to become Muslim that Westerners especially fail to perceive and understand; ultimately furthering the goal of subjugation of non-Mulisms, around the world, into dhimmitude.

Bahais in My Backyard - Playlist on YouTube:

Segment 1 - 27:44 to 29:34 minutes

Question: Is it possible, in any way, that other individuals, once Shoghi Effendi was dead, it took about six years to assemble the first UHJ, is it possible that at this period of time, individuals, that had some take over of the religion kind of thing, that were out of the religion, that had different intentions, maybe?

Answer: Human nature being what it is one should never dismiss any possibility. I'm not sure I hear and understand a clear question of what you are asking. There were definitely individuals, Mason Remey, primarily, and a few people associated with him who claimed, in a short time, not immediately, the details of which I can't immediately recount. There may have been a year or two period in which this happened. There was definitely a six-year gap between the death of Shoghi Effendi and the creation of the Universal House of Justice. There is an enormous amount of documents marshalled by the organized Baha'i Faith defending what was done, defending their position and so forth. But all of which is from the victor, shall we say. In fact everything in the Baha'i Faith and writings is basically the writing and works of those in control and power. There's a fundamental bias to any Baha'i source, on this issue as well.

Conversation in Hebrew at 40; 47 minutes

Segment 2 - 50:23 to 53:45 minutes

Question: I want to push this a little further, maybe I'm off totally, but do you think it is possible that, ah, given the changes, since the last forty years, since the organization changed, is it possible, maybe, there is some kind of fraud shop, that shows one thing, and behind that there is a totally different organization that operates for different reasons, has totally different aims and goals.

Answer: What's the word you used? Fraud shop? Front shop? Okay, absolutely, it's an idea that has occurred to many people, myself included. Certainly, the idea that the Baha'i administration is run by and orchestrated by people who are not elected and who have totally different purposes and motives from those that are publicly proclaimed to the American Baha'i community, and others around the world, that idea has occurred to many, many people, not just myself. There have been people who have alleged, and really when we are talking about this we always have to screen out as well the Iranian fanatics who have hated the Baha'i Faith, as heretics within Islam, descerators of the Muslim faith and so forth, and especially since Khomeini, they have gone to very extreme lengths to slander and smear and discredit Baha'is online as well. But that being said and recognized, there are people who have claimed seriously, and don't seem to be part of that Iranian mentality, that there are people in the Persian Gulf states who largely fund the Baha'i Faith budget operation, because given the insignicant communities in Europe and the very meager community in the United States, where the funding is coming from for the mega-million dollar marble buildings in Haifa has left many people scratching their heads. I repeat that only as an allegation. I have no knowledge that that's true. But it certainly does highlight yet again that appearance and reality seems to be so complex to people in a variety of walks of life, within or near or outside the Baha'i Faith, that such speculations occur independently to many people. And one would think that would be different.

Segment 3 - Not quoted.

Conversation in Hebrew at 7 minutes.