The Baha'i Faith & Religious Freedom of Conscience


The Old Lie

Fanatics among my fellow bahais, especially Susan Maneck,
have routinely now for years asserted that I threatened the
NSA, not Mahmoudi, with a lawsuit should it contact me in
any way, which justifies their never having done so, taking
an issue from one context and applying it to another, YEARS LATER....

If a letter or message had been sent to Hoda Mahmoudi,
auxiliary board member, why and how would 
Maneck know anything about it? The Mahmoudi message was 
sent to me the very morning of the day that the first voting period for
talk.religion.bahai ended and the RESULTS was posted, when over 
600 fundamentalists followed the advice of fanatic Mark Towfiq and 
others to oppose free speech and open discussion. 

If a letter was sent to Mahoudi, it addressed only that context. 
It's a well known fact that Maneck is Gharidian's sycophant. If 
she has been given a letter intended for the context of Hoda 
Mahmoudi's interferring in the free and unfettered voting for 
talk.religion.bahai, thereby violating the very Words of 
Abdul-Baha extolling freedom of speech and conscience and
which led me to appeal to the uhj for an explanation of Mahmoudi's
deceitful interference, let her post a copy of it on talk.religion.bahai, 
though it is tantamount to backbiting and further slander, in my 
opinion, to distort a communication in one context to fit the evil 
designs of a corrupted fundamentalist administration in another. 
See Mahmoudi's deceitfully sugarcoated, intimidating letter at the 
bottom of the link below. Note that Mahmoudi never asked to 
meet with me but to telephone her. Other claims along these
lines are false. Further note that the administration is definitely
interfering in free speech and conscience here on talk.religion.bahai 
and other online venues through their various sycophants in 
contradistinction to Abdul-Baha's elevating vision.
To the Universal House of Justice - March 31, 1997 
To the Universal House of Justice - July 24, 1998 

I reiterate that I am under no obligation to believe the claims of 
vulgar liars and slanderous pseudo-academicians distorting
past events and communications to fit a now different agenda.

I notified the nsa of my declaration of belief in Baha'u'llah in
1976. They acknowledged my declaration by sending me back
the ID card available for viewing on my homepage and by 
accepting monetary contributions from me for years, not to 
mention many personal sacrifices. Further details of my participation 
in the bahai faith, in sundry ways, may be found in my uhj letters 
also accessible from my homepage. If the nsa has unilaterally 
changed my status as a member of the bahai faith, the obligation 
resides with them to notify me to that effect, which they have 
never done....

I urge the non-bahai looking in on this exchange to investigate
and reflect carefully on the issues involved and on what they
reveal about the bahai faith in practice versus theory.... Consider
too that the real target of the fundamentalist attack on me may
actually be the bahai community at large, to strike fear and 
obedience in their hearts in order to control them and to insure 
their submission, lest they too become the object of such a ferocious, 
incessant onslaught of slander and abuse....

Other relevant messages and details at 

For those who think this smear campaign is something new, Google 
archives my being hounding by the fundamentalists along these lines for years: