The Baha'i Faith & Religious Freedom of Conscience


Dmoz & Google Directories Compromised & Censored

I appeal to DMOZ and Google to intervene and correct the fundamentalist Baha'i bias that has found its way into its directories, in the interest of the very values of open free speech, liberty, and conscience that make DMOZ and Google possible.

Libelous Description:

Obviously, the technical people at DMOZ did not write the Description quoted below, which appears in the DMOZ Bahaism listings. The DMOZ Description for the Reform Bahai Faith, which propagates throughout the Internet,  is libelous and represents a fundamentalist interpretation of Baha'u'llah's Teachings and a consistent derision for other denominations, all of which had to have been fed to DMOZ through fundamentalist channels:

"A religious movement espousing the Revelation of Baha'u'llah while opposed to the Administrative Order instituted through the Covenant ordained by Baha'i Scripture and upheld by the Universal House of Justice."
(should have a "suggest URL" link)
(should have its own category: The Reform Bahai Faith)

Both Descriptions are libelous and express a fanatical and fundamentalist Baha'i interpretation of the Reform Bahai Faith, with which neither I nor other Reform Bahais agree, and which is intended to discredit and slander our Faith throughout the world via DMOZ and Google, as well as that of various Baha'is of other denominations. DMOZ and Google should NOT be permitting such fanaticism and FURTHERING it. The 7 million figure is ludicrously inaccurate.

REPLACE ALL Descriptions with something neutral:
"The official web presence of the Reform Bahai Faith. 95 Theses of the
movement, statement on liberty, communities, contacts, and links."

In the interest of fairness, it cannot be overemphasized that other Baha'i denominations are similarly being misrepresented in the DMOZ and Google databases.


Non-bahais: If you're unfamiliar with the record of Baha'i fanaticism, please read or skim "The Baha'i Technique":

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