The Baha'i Faith & Religious Freedom of Conscience


Karen Bacquet

See her website, especially these articles:

"Enemies Within:  Conflict and Control in the Baha'i Community" 2001 Karen Bacquet Cultic Studies Journal

Net Games: Fallacies, Gambits, and Maneuvers in Baha'i Cyberspace 


Selected Messages for 2002


Selected Messages for 2001


Selected Messages for 2000

Karen Bacquet, My Life in the Baha'i Community
Karen Re: My "Ex-Baha'i" Story 11/8/99 Eye witness of NSA denunciation of Dialogue magazine
Karen Re: My "Ex-Baha'i" Story 11/6/99
Karen Personal testimony of a recent ex-Baha'i. 10/18/99