The Baha'i Faith & Religious Freedom of Conscience

Subject: Re: My "Ex-Baha'i" Story
Date: 1999/11/08
Newsgroups: talk.religion.bahai
In article <>, (Smaneck) wrote:
> >I left upon my discovery of how the NSA lied about
> >>> Dialogue magazine
> Dear Karen,
> The whole Dialogue episode got extremely confused and convoluted. I
would not
> assume that the NSA deliberately  lied about what happened. But I do
> there is reason to think they were misinformed on the one hand, and
> events quite differently from the way you heard them on the other.
> Susan Stiles Maneck
> History, Stetson University
Dear Susan,
I don't have time for a detailed reply today, but I will remind you of
something: I was there.  I heard the denunciation of Dialogue, and
believed it. I even threw away my copies of the magazine, believing that
to be a loyal thing to do.  And eleven years later I found myself
reading the unpublished article "A Modest Proposal",that no sane person
would regard as an attack.  This is not something someone told me second
hand. At the time I found this, I wasn't even aware of the other
controversies going on over the Internet.   My opinion of the NSA's
honesty is based upon the evidence of my own senses.
Love, Karen