The Baha'i Faith & Religious Freedom of Conscience

Subject: Re: folders
Date: 11/17/1998 2:58 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: Ruletherod
Message-id: <>
>A suggestion for a folder:
>Bahai Censorship
I second that. Absolutely. Let's be honest about it. Too much damage has
already been
done in the name and to the name of Baha'u'llah by right-wing administrative
bullies, linear-thinking apologists, and doctrinaire-fundamentalists. You
can't just blame it all on the critics.
Wherever there is conflict, there are real problems that need
resolution--not just in the interests of some, but for all. Why isn't the
UHJ doing a better job addressing these issues honestly, without pretense,
denial and obfuscation? Call in the outside conflict-resolution experts at
least. Why let problems drift and fester until far more irreparable damage
is done? To me this suggests that the Bahai are not prepared should they be
confronted by
larger, better organized and funded forces outside the Faith (should that
day come at all).
It's time to officially level the playing field to include and welcome all
voices, including Dr. Cole's. In fact, without recognizing the informed
observations of Dr. Cole and others,  I don't see how the Bahai faith can
honestly succeed in the world. Such critical feedback is essential.
This is a wake up call, folks. How many Bahais are really listening? Can
they afford not to? Where do Bahais begin from here to right the wrongs of
their past? Will they admit to such wrongs? At the very least, a
"censorship" folder would help legitimize the kinds of experiences that have
traditionally been swept under the Persian carpet.