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Subject: [bahai-faith] Re: Fwd: Barthaman Re Cal and Burl's dismissal of opposing viewpoints
Date: Monday, October 05, 1998 9:25 AM
Barthaman's point about dissenters being lost youth banging at the door
brought back to me my own experience with the wonderful Auxiliary Board member
who told me that in order to belong to the group-at-large, I would have to
publicly denounce my family as heretics (or words to that effect), liars and
fools.  Then, I would have to shun them.
Needless to say, I chose to leave the organization that asked this of me.
This is too much to ask of anyone.  I saw the "door" slam shut and have been
on the outside  ever since.
Actually, the view out here is pretty nice.  One can actually see the forest,
when one's view is not obstructed by all the huge, vine covered, oppressively
shady trees.  Just step back a little :-)