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Subject: Need a house.........
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From: Mark Elderkin
Sent: Monday, February 11, 2002 2:14 AM
Subject: Need a house.........

What I really need is for you to quit spamming the NGs.
As long as you spam, I'll continue to find ways of
letting others know how to keep in contact with you.
Say what you want and do it in a proper way and there
is no problem......... keep spamming and cross-posting
to people and using the name 'bahai faith' and I'll keep
up with your antics. If enough people tell you to
stop........ then maybe you will.From: "Mark Elderkin" <>
Subject: Re: Fundamentalist psycopath THREATENS me again.....
Date: Tuesday, February 12, 2002 3:24 AM

If I'm a psychopath(Fred the 'h' is silent but still should be there) for
getting tired of continuous misuse of this NG, then maybe the shoe fits. It
does not sit well with me to have someone like Fred use the name 'bahai
faith' as his ID here. Fred hasn't been a Baha'i for many years and it seems
to me that it is a clear misrepresentation of the facts. Now let's get on to
the issue of 'threatening' : If putting a URL in my post is considered a
threat then there are quite a few guilty of that including Fred in every
spam. If selling real estate was Fred's big secret then why did he make the
site public and why did associate a link to it on his website? This isn't
rocket science here........... I've just placed the link into a reply where
Fred created the list of available newsgroups. I didn't think them up......
he did. Is the real problem here that Fred is upset that some of the people
he has pissed off with cross-posting might not buy a house from him now.
There is a free gift being offered........ hate to miss it myself. Probably
not available to psychopaths anyhow.
Fred this is about ownership and you would like to think that you have
the ability to do anything you want and we as the weak Baha'i Fundies will
just sit back and pray for you. Sorry.... can't do it. I have never
threatened you with anything even resembling violence......... I have never
attempted to abuse your email(I did send you a Christmas picture a year
back or so). Maybe you don't understand something here Fred........ for
every action there is a reaction. You work very hard at not being reachable
so that you can continue with antics............. I'm just going to make you
reachable. The posting of a directive to any public URL location is totally
within the guidelines for this NG. You do it all the time. Cross-posting the
URL directive to other NGs must also be OK....... you do it all the time. So
the question remains....... What's really your problem here? Since your
retirement, you have become quite undisciplined............ Take up a
hobby.......... maybe poetry. Real-Estate?