The Baha'i Faith & Religious Freedom of Conscience

Subject:      Hate mail: talk.religion.bahai
Date:         1997/03/14
Message-ID:   <5gcn3j$3e2$>
Newsgroups:   news.groups,soc.rights.human
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Date: Thu, 13 Mar 1997 15:58:55 -0700 (MST)
From: Joe User <>    
Subject: rantings and ravings of the fringe...
How to even start this message?  I guess fairly (don't assume it will 
stay that way, though - why should I offer you that when you don't give 
it to others?).
Yes, it seems there is a basis for an unmoderated newsgroup such as you 
are requesting.  Do I want to see one?  Not particularly, as I have to 
interest.  In fact, I have voted to abstain (for the meantime).
If it passes, I hope you are finally happy.
So you can then shut the hell up.
You mostly remind me of a child having a tantrum in a store because 
mother won't let you run around screaming and cussing at the other 
You really need to grow up!
Again, in all fairness, it does seem that, yes, maybe <some> of your 
posts were rejected a little too easily.  But what do you respond with?  
Names, accusations, parralels to dictators bent on genocide, etc.  You 
could have pleaded with them to reconsider; you could have talked about 
it, maybe compromising on *both* sides so that each is happy.  Instead, 
you scream "fascist" at the politest request of rewording!
I've read the lot of the rejected posts, and most of the dialogue on 
news.groups.  And, most often (about 95% of the time), you're kneejerk 
reaction to diplomacy comes across as someone merely vying for attention.
Don't you understand what Baha'u'llah writes on how we should treat each 
other, EVEN IF YOU YOURSELF FEELS WRONGED?  Granted, I am just now 
breaking that tenet myself, but I accept this, and I know I will pay 
whatever consequence it brings.  You didn't seem to have an argument to 
the quotes from the Writings - then why don't you try to follow them?  
They are the ideal, aren't they?  But no, you bring the discussion down 
to a mud-slinging brawl.
Turn that finger you have pointing at everyone who doesn't (or whoever 
you perceive doesn't) support your comments as a whole back to yourself.  
You honestly sound more fanatical (to the Nth degree so) in your rantings 
than anybody else in this whole silly discussion has to date.
Although, I'm sure this will also probably fall on completely deaf ears, 
and I'll be branded fanatic, lunatic, hypocrite (but at times aren't we 
all to some degree as creatures capable of sin), yada yada yada.  As I 
don't particularly care for your slandering tactics, I am also sending 
this from an account that has to relevance to me nor can be responded 
to.  If you still wish to respond, then you may do so in public manner, 
and I will read it ANONYMOUSLY.  This is to protect myself, as one of 
your dirty tactics seem to be to use personalized e-mail against people to 
suit your own goals.
And *you* are a Baha'i???  Shame on you!!!  Shame!!!!!
ROCHESTER HILLS, MICHIGAN USA                             

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