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Subject: fw Neo Luddite Re: [bahai-faith] Re murder of Baha'i leader Dr. Daniel Jordan
Date: Tuesday, July 28, 1998 8:00 AM
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Date: Sunday, July 26, 1998 4:05 PM
Subject: Re: [bahai-faith] Re murder of Baha'i leader Dr. Daniel Jordan
>On Sun, 26 Jul 1998 11:00:08   Milissa Boyer Kafes wrote:
>> Mr Glaysher, do you have any idea what you have > done???
>Dear Milissa,
>Glaysher knows exactly what he did, and he did with malicicious intent.
Glaysher studied, and I believe taught, "rhetoric," the art of persuasion.
He is as precise as a scientist in selection of words and in his use of
email lists and Usenet groups.
>I am very sorry and very angry about what Glaysher did to you and your
husband. Yet he has revealed his true nature to you. Glaysher has a long
history of using people's private email without permission. He twists and
bends and exploits people's words to suit his purposes. And in this case, as
you point out out, it is quite evident that he is a blatant liar about when
he sent your husband's post off to everyone before contacting you NOT after.
>Glaysher is a trojan horse. His issue, his crusade is supposedly
"censorship." But I suggest you study his posts. At least half of them
either present the Faith in a negative light or quote someone else doing the
same. His real attack is on the Faith itself. I will post, if you like, his
vicious, racist remarks about Persians as just an example of one of hundreds
of posts carefully calculated to undermine and discredit the Fiath.
>About censorship: Glaysher makes a big deal of the events surrounding the
Talisman I list. What Fred doesn't tell you that on a list that was full of
angry flames and hostile attacks, Glaysher was the ONLY person to be
permanently banned from that list because he was so disruptive. Glaysher was
banned from the BCCA lists for the same reason.
>It is neither; it is my freedom of expression, what Glaysher adviocates.
Just as was Glayher's abuse of husband's private email and his calumny about
the unsolved murder of Daniel Jordan. We both are free to say what we want
to say.
>With malice aforethought rather than a "heavy heart," Galysher wrote:
>"It is with a heavy heart compelled by the weight of conscience that I
observe that the murder in 1982 of Dr. Daniel Jordan in Stamford,
Connecticut, then a member of the NSA,remains unsolved. What with the
ever-worsening pattern of tyranny and intrigue, I suggest he case should
perhaps be reopened and serious investigation given to the possibility that
Bahai fanaticism lies hidden at the root of his cruel execution-style
>Whatever might be the internal difficulties within our community, murder
conspiracies are not one of them.
>Milissa, should you or your husband wish to pursue libel, copyright or
other legal action aginst Glaysher, let me help. Here is where he is
>Work (deleted):
>[address deleted]
>Office: [deleted]
>Voice Mail: [deleted]
>Pager: [deleted]
>FAX: [deleted]
>Frederick and [deleted]Glaysher
>Phone: [deleted]
>The major intersection near his house is [deleted]. and [deleted]Rd. He
lives right off the side streets of of [deleted]Ave. and [deleted]Dr.
>Frederick, feel free to respond with a rant, or whatever, and post and
cross-post this to the Universe. Such a post will offer yet more evidence of
the "Glaysher-Gospel."
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