The Baha'i Faith & Religious Freedom of Conscience


Letter to a Baha'i Scholar - February 14, 2004

I appreciate your replying. I too am not in touch
with the bahai community, and I definitely don't
care to be, given its state of affairs. I feel the
administration has thoroughly betrayed the more
moderate and liberal side of the writings and of
common sense. My background is Catholic, which gave
me a vision of the history of evil and corruption
behind the veil that fundamentalist bahais have only
confirmed with their own oppressively organized form
of religion. You may regard me as too gloomy but I
assert my low opinion of bahais is grounded in a
justifiably low opinion of human nature, especially
when people seek to control and manipulate others.
I doubt twenty-five years will make a difference.

I've been reading Jonathan Swift, Cervantes,
and Boccaccio of late. Anything but modern
literature. Incidentally, given his experience as
a prisoner of the Moors, Cervantes wrote a great
deal about Islam. I recommend him to you.

Best wishes,

The Bahai Faith & Religious Freedom of Conscience