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Subject: Re: The root of the problem (was Re: Baha'u'llah's grammer and Mahdi's gwammer)
Date: Thursday, September 16, 1999 10:58 PM
Agha Cyrus jan,
Thank you for your forthrightness. It is always refreshing when an
outsider sees and points things out objectively to certain fanatical
adherents who blindly swallow and then attempt to enforce through
serendipitious perversions of the truth the dicta of their amoral
leaders. And you are definitely right that the sort of biased and
selective interpretation of events which systematically attempts to put
the Baha'i ao's actions always in the best light when there in confuting
evidence to the contrary is no different than the the sort of thing we
see with arch-defenders of the Islamic republic and mullocracy everyday
on SCI and elsewhere who justify by minimizing the abuses committed by
the khomeinist totalitarian religious fascism in Iran.
   The real heartbreaking tragedy in all of this however are the Baha'is
in Iran; those poor people who have innocently suffered for so long
under the yoke of among the most blood-thirsty theocratic tyrants in
history, the Shi'i `ulama, all the time unawares that the leadership of
their own religion outside of Iran has become during the intervening
years no different in its fundamentalist mindset and modus operandi than
those turbaned theocratic stalinists in Qom and Tehran, the only
difference being that the Baha'i leadership doesn't actually kill
people. But as the saying goes, "kharr haman kharrast, faqat palanash
avaz shodeh ast."  ;-)
    Furthermore, what's even more tragic in all of this, is the fact
that we Iranian Baha'is for many years prided ourselves over many of our
fellow non-Baha'i compatriots over the fact that the teachings of our
religion were far more progressive, open, democratic and universalist
than the rigid, exclusivist and generally bassackwards model of religion
offered to our fellow countrymen by the obscurantist Shi'i `ulama. But
when it came to the application of many of those teachings outside of
our country in the past decades, we have, due to the connivance of some
of our leaders, so far failed - and miserably; becoming yet another
dysfunctional sect-like authoritarian cultic religion in the West among
the numerous many such as the Church of Scientology or the Mormon Church
of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, etc. It was this realization
as well as others that finally propelled me out of the religion, but a
religion whose best ideals I still maintain the utmost respect and
reverence for.
    However, having said that, this current dark abysmal trend within
the Baha'i Faith, insha'llah, will change and reverse itself some day -
leaving the current fundamentalist zealots and their destructive agenda
in the trash-heep of history. Of that, I am fully confident.
> Hmm. Why is it that religious fanatics and hardliners are _always_
> worried about _youth_ ? This is true in current Iran and now, with
> your admitance, true about AO's worries and concerns ? Do you, or
> Australia's NSA think of youth as bunch of sheep who can be
> deceived by a travelling tourist with a different point of view
> that "official" Aussie's NSA ? Amazing !
> > But I don't hear
> > them suggesting that you should be shunned,
> You dont hear it because you are in line with "official" point
> of view and nothing any NSA or LSA does is deemed wrong by you.
> Any outsider will see, by reading this letter, that some individual
> is being spied upon and talked about simply because of his "thoughts"
> (ie. Thought Crimes). And also, I agree with Nima, that that
> particular LSA was being adviced (or ordered) to spy on Nima when
> got there. There is absolutly no other way for LSA to be "alert"
> of his activities.
> This letter confirms that all organized religions are afraid
> of slightest free thoughts and opinion which is different from
> their "official" world-view.
> > only to make sure you  aren't trying
> > to stir up some kind of trouble with the youth.
> ..again: Dont "youth" have any sort of brain of their own to
> "think" ? Seems like Australia's NSA (and you I must say) are as
> much afraid of possible poor Nima's influence on Youth as
> Iranian Mullahs are afraid of Western thought's influence on
> brainwashed Iranian Youths !!
> And this easily manipulated, brain-dead "youths" which can be so
> turn "non-Bahai" by a travelling tourist supposed to change
> the world ?
> > Whether they had any reason to
> > be concerned about this, you know best.
> Nima: stop messing with "youths" ! poor incocent "youths" that
> all religious fanatics are worried about them.
> - Cyrus
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