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Ex-Bahai - his response to Bahai NSA Surveillance 9/7/99 Nima Hazini

Bahai Fundamentalism Defined 9/25/2001 Nima Hazini 

A letter from the NSA of the Bahais of the United States of America
to their counterpart in Australia, posted to talk.religion.bahai by Nima Hazini:

 ( writes:
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> INCORPORATED A.R.B.N. 009 727 128
> (Incorporated in the A.C.T.) (Liability of members limited)
> Phone: (02) 99113 2771 SECRETARIAT
> Fax: (02) 9970 7275
> Email:
> 4 November 1997
> The Local Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of the Gold Coast
> PO Box 833
> Southport 4215
> Dear Baha’i Friends,
> The National Spiritual Assembly of Australia has been informed by the
> National Spiritual Assembly of the United States that Mr. Nima Hazini
> occasionally spends time in Australia visiting parents and often
> associates with the Baha’i youth here. As Mr. Hazini’s parents are
> members of your community we are sharing the following information
> (which has been provided by the National Assembly of the United States)
> with your Assembly:
> "…It is important for you to know that Mr. Hazini withdrew his Baha’i
> membership in December 1996 after expressing his strong dissatisfaction
> with the Baha’i community and our National Spiritual Assembly. Shortly
> after his withdrawal was accepted, Mr. Hazini wrote to the National
> Spiritual Assembly stating that he had not withdrawn from the Baha’i
> Faith but had withdrawn only from the Baha’i community. He provided a
> copy of his letter to the Universal House of Justice…When Mr. Hazini
> received a copy of the Universal House of Justice’s letter, he chose
> not to pursue reinstatement of his Baha’i membership. The last
> information that we had about him was that he had decided to become a
> follower of Sufism."
> At one stage Mr. Hazini was transferred to the United States as a
> Baha’i in good standing. However, in light of the information given by
> the National Spiritual Assembly of the United States we have made the
> necessary changes in our records about his status.

Your Spiritual
> Assembly is advised to be alert to Mr. Nima Hazini’s activities in your
> area, when he comes to Australia to visit his parents, especially his
> association with the Baha’i youth.. Thanking you for your cooperation
> and with loving Baha’i greetings.
> Gul Williams for the Secretariat Reg.
> Office: Baha’i National Centre,
> 173 Mona Vale Road, Ingleside, NSW
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